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Macklemore Talks Drug Abuse, Addiction, and Recovery

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By Drew of The Come Up Show via Wikipedia Commons.

Sara Bellum

“I wanted to get clean. I knew that my highest potential, the place that I was most spiritual, the place that I was the most rich in terms of my life, and my livelihood, and my art and my creativity, was when I was sober.”

GRAMMY-award winning artist Macklemore is in recovery from drug addiction. In a video for the campaign Half of Us, he tells the story of how he started using drugs, how it damaged his relationships, his journey through recovery, and the pain of losing a friend to a drug overdose.

Half of Us

Half of Us is raising awareness about mental health issues and drug abuse among teens and young adults. Sponsored by mtvU and the Jed Foundation, Half of Us provides facts about depression, bipolar disorder, suicide, eating disorders, anxiety disorders, stress, and addiction in young people, as well as information about how to seek help.

Additional videos feature Mary J. Blige, Brittany Snow, Pete Wentz, and Billy Corgan—in addition to college students who have suffered from mental health problems or addiction.



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I know how you feel when you wanna get clean and you dont know who to go talk to. I have been clean for almost 1 month tuesday the 4th of marhc of 2014 i use to smoke weed and meth and im only 15 years old... i just hope i can talk to someone like you about how i got addicted to drugs.... you are like my idol i love all of your music and i hope you can help me out im your #1 fan will you please help me i have all of these cravings i just dont know what to do anymore ...

@Nevaeh, Have you received treatment for your drug use?  If not, you should call 1-800-662-HELP to find a treatment facility near you.  If so, please contact someone in your support network (counselor, doctor, sponsor, or family member) and let that person know you need help.  Good luck.

good luck
If you ever need to talk to anybody, im here i know what you feel and what your experiancing with your body comming off of meth. Its hard the first few months are the worse i have the tendensey to get addicted to anything anybody gives me, for me it was first perscriptions after fataly overdosing and having to go through multipul resedential treatment centers i got addicted to meth and coke, when a boyfriend of mine introduced it to me when he started to deal to supply his habbits ive experiancced probably more than your average 16 year old if you ever need anybody to disguss getting clean or the stuggles ide be happy to help just facebook me :)
hey Cali....I am Cynthia and I am at a period of quitting weed and meth too.My boyfriend is a supplier too of the same and he had a really great impact on me taking drugs but after sometime I realized that I was just wasting my life.....I am having cravings now but i try my best to suppress them.
you can do it :)
Powerful stuff.
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I think taking drugs is the worst trend of our kids generationn.I hate how this is seen to be cool
His music is very inspiring and easy for an addict to relate to
People use drugs in order to feel good but you don't need drugs to feel good because in the long run the drugs will make you feel worse. You have the people who love you and the smiling people of the world to make you feel good. You don't need to have artificial happiness when you have real life happiness only feet away from you.You just need to try a little harder. There are other ways of escape from this wretched world. If you're feeling bad it doesn't mean you have to turn to drugs. What will they to for you? So what if they'll get your mind off of the subject for a couple minutes or an hour. After the artificial happiness wears off you have to deal with the real world. You'll have to deal with the problem again. So instead of giving yourself false hope and false escape deal with the problem yourself. Like Maklamore said, you can never reach your full potential if you're under the influence. The drugs and alcohol will numb you away from what really matters. You will never be able to achieve the full goal or the highest of your ability while under the influence. And thats a guarantee.
You've said it well. It's the truth. Drugs and alcohol do not fix anything. The problems are still there. It's important to be sober for a while so a person can understand why they are using. Have you been abused mentally or physically? Are you still now? Was your childhood not the best? Are you uncomfortable around people? Do you not feel good enough? Why? Was it something that happened to you in which makes you feel shameful? Do you not enjoy your current living situation and wish it was better? Do you think your not smart enough? Pretty enough? Handsome enough? Whatever the shame your feeling, know that EVERYONE has a past. EVERYONE has something they don't like about themselves, their situation, etc... The key is to figure out your dislikes, so you can turn them into likes. You can make choices that make you proud so you don't have to feel like the victim or victimized. Making changes is not easy because you have to get through the ridicule, the judgement, the fear of judgement. But the ones that get through the struggle, the time to research themselves, their own opinion of what makes them happy, and stand their ground (so long as it doesn't harm someone in an illegal way), are the ones you probably admire. It wasn't easy for them either. It takes time to learn your likes and dislikes. You will need support. And before you know it... You will be on your journey. Drowning in drugs and alcohol will not allow you to be able to deal with the pains your keeping inside. So don't use drugs and alcohol as a coping mechanism. Use drugs and alcohol responsibly. Because legally there are limits to the use of them. You have a choice to put yourself in danger or to be responsible use. Seek support. Love yourself. Throw away shame. May you learn how to use responsibly. May you find the things that bring you joy so you don't feel the need to abuse. May you grow and teach others your strength that you found.
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this is so wonderful. i am happy that you got clean buddie
you stink
Take a program of action and let nothing come before it. Peace
Take a program of action and let nothing come before it. Peace
If it wasn't for other side and dying 4 times and realizing what it took from me I'd be dead. I have 13 days sober and I'm still fighting. One day at a time and getting in a program inpatient or outpatient is what it takes. You can't do it alone. Our heroin epidemic in Cincinnati and northern ky is terrible. Its From al The doctores prescribing everyone pain medication and it becoming a problem. Them rules changed and they pills were harder to get. Heroin grave you The same and better High and was easier to get. Ppl through "testers" in your window and constantly hollar at you "tester" so you'll buy from them. I can't get back what Iost or change the past but I can work to rebuild my life and relationships. I've slipped up in the past. But I carry my date 1-12-15 of being cleaned from opiates. And I have fibromyalgia and a lot of health problems and pain. But because I'm clean from opiates do I need to stay away from drinking or smoking occasionally or doing something occasionally.
Drug addiction cause more illness. A person who is addicted for drug or alcohol. He must be totally upset by physically or mentally.
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The most intriguing part about social media is that it can be used as a positive or negative tool. This could be an avenue to decrease and promote teens to stay sober especially through celebrities since they are usually a role model to millions of teens around the world.
When celebrities use their gift to raise awareness to the struggles of drug abuse and or just life, it is a great thing due to the lack of awareness or lack of caring about the matter. Its better when people like Malcklemore, who have lived through the experience stand up and tell people its okay to have a problem but its about what you do about.
Stuff like this happens everyday sometimes to younger kids. It's good that you're seeking help for yourself and letting others know that there is a way out of the addiction drugs can and will cause.
I honestly think Macklemore is a kind hearted man who had some up and downs during his teenager years. He campaign a foundation, Half of Us to spread awareness to teenagers and young adults. When celebrities spread awareness, especially because Macklemore is famous right now, can show teenagers who look up to him that using drugs and alcohol can affect you in negative ways.
Macklemore is such a beast, we need more people like him in the music industry. You guys should check out Straight Edge on Instagram and Facebook, its a non profit founded by high schoolers that fights drug abuse.
You can do anything you set your mind to. Don't let drugs take over your dreams!! I love you!!
ik how you feel I've been there and done that and its extremely hard to recover. I've moved on and I'm a better person now and I'm never going back. i tell teens keep ya head up go bigger and be you. i never thought i would have made it to be 17 years old and now I'm here and I'm living it up. love you man keep it up.