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Let's Talk: Who is Your Role Model?

This blog post is archived and is no longer being updated. For the latest content, please visit the main Drugs & Health Blog page.
Sara Bellum

Everyone looks up to someone…a family member, a celebrity, or someone who has overcome hard times to succeed in life. It helps us to have a role model.

Question #9: Who do you look up to? Who are your role models? Why?

To answer, you can either submit a comment by writing your response in the “Leave a Reply” box below, or send us a message. We want to know about the people you respect and why they inspire you—because that helps us create more meaningful messages about drug abuse.

And remember, even though 2010 is over, you can still respond to previous questions we’ve asked from this year or last. Either way, we look forward to hearing from you!

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My role model is Katie. I don't want to say her last name. I really like her, she's so funny. I don't have the courage to talk to her. I always help her, and she thanks me and calls me sweet, but I've never talked to her. She's really nice, athletic, courageous, and I want to be just like her. But, do you have any tips on how I can be as courageous as her, and have the confidence to talk to her?

my role model is my grandfather. hes always there for me, and hes so smart, and he's always encouraging me to do
what my heart tells me to do.
Hes smart, kind, respectful, and loving.
I love my grandpa<3

My mother is my role model.she inspires me through how she talks . She is smart, strong and kind I just want to be like her

my role model is Karen its an India