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Let's Talk: Social Networking Sites

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Sara Bellum

Dozens of social networking sites are out there, and SBB is curious:

Question #8: Which social networking site is your favorite? Do you like MyYearbook or Bebo? How about Facebook, Twitter, or MySpace?

Maybe your site of choice is something else entirely. So, tell us what your favorite social networking site is. Please tell us what you like about it, too.

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As always, even though we’re on Question #8, you can still respond to previous questions we’ve asked. We look forward to hearing from you!

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facebookk, defff : )

I agree that facebook is my favorite [commercial link removed, per guidelines]


I have been researching social media for some time now and

how it's concept has changed the way people interact online

and I believe it can even be extended to a similar format in

the form of forums where people do interact and discuss

personal views on specific subjects but they are generally

limited to one subject but they are still a form of social


The difference with social networks is that people dicuss

and share information on just about anything and are not

limited to one particular subject so they eliminate the word

'niche' and saves people from having to create several

different forums to get their word out about different


So obviously social networking was the next level up from

forums and is partly why they have become so popular and

this is obvious when you now see Internet Marketers now

using the sites as part of their marketing strategies.

Scripts can now be found online for anyone to create their

own social network platforms, and experience what it is like

to run one of these sites, but again most people I know use

them for specific social 'niches', just like a forum script

is used, so they lose the benefit of capturing a complete

audience and may as well be using a forum script almost.

MySpace, FaceBook, Twitter and even YouTube have a global

following and cater for every concievable subject that

people want to discuss and share and because they were, I

believe, the founders of this social concept they now

dominate the internet where social site users are concerned.

Creating your own social networking platform can still have

it's benefits and you don't really have to try and compete with the Big Name sites, that would be a pointless exercise

obviously, but if it is something new and unique I think

people would still look at it with curiosity, that's our

nature, and give it a try just to become a part of a new

community online especially if one is a social site fanatic

which millions are.

I run a simple Internet Marketing Forum, which I created

about 5 months ago, added some relevant content and

submitted it to the search engines using some very popular

and competitive keywords.
I didn't really expect big things from the forum, although I

did hope, and today the forum, after just a few months, has a membership of almost 29,000 and currently growing at a rate of 800+ per day over the last week.

So that is an example of people wanting to be a part of a

new online community and that is in just one 'niche' so you

can see why social networks, being the next evolution from

forums have become so popular and I think it is

extraordinary to say the least and will take something

phenominal to top it but who knows? .. the internet has

evolved so much, so quickly that I wouldn't be surprised.

By the way, if you've ever thought about how you could have

a go and start a social network of you're own there is a

great script for one here

[commercial link removed, per guidelines]
and you can customize it to look how ever you want,

After the success of the 'One Niche Forum' I've actually

bought the script/platform and I'm giving it a go because

I'm convinced people will surely be curious enough to try it

out, being the next revolution in online social interaction

on todays internet, and I have the forum as a precedent for

people wanting to be part of a new community haven't I!

Social networking sites are here to stay for the long haul,

I'm sure, unless someone can come up with something far more

revolutionary and I don't think that will happen any time


Of course its facebook :))
[commercial link removed, per guidelines]

frentopia [link removed] is my favorite so far. It's a new one, but its gaining steam. its simple, and gets to the point

Great blog for teens

Through social networking, people can use networks of online friends and group memberships to keep in touch with current friends, reconnect with old friends or create real–life friendships through similar interests or groups. Besides establishing important social relationships, social networking members can share their interests with other like–minded members by joining groups and forums. Some networking can also help members find a job or establish business contacts. Social media is surely an effective which helps in boosting your business. [commercial link removed, per guidelines]

I think My Yearbook or Bebo are good but not the best. I think Google plus is going to be one of the best sites in social networking field. It`ll cross Facebook mark soon and make its owb niche with the features like sparks, hangouts, circles etc. What say :-) [commercial invitation removed, per guidelines]

I like facebook . Because its navigation is good

Of course Facebook is unbeatable. Some major FB players even buy FB fans from great sites [commercial link removed, per guidelines]

Facebook is the best. I use it all the time. It's so easy to use.

i use alot of social media sites.farcebook, twitter...thanx for the info. nice share.
[commercial link removed, per guidelines]

Facebook has been the leader upto now and nearly every 7th guy on this planet is using Facebook.

[commercial link removed, per guidelines]

Hello. And Bye.