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Let's Talk: How Do You Kick Back?

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Sara Bellum

It’s a known fact that the teenage years are a big transition time of physical and mental development for both males and females. It is a time of trying new things, meeting new people, exploring the world around you, figuring out who you are and who you want to be as an adult, and testing limits that come with independence. Occasionally, we ask you for feedback so that we can get to know you better and publish posts that interest you.

So, today we want to ask: how do you kick back and relax with your friends?

Do you like to get together with friends before a big game at school? Do you play sports? Hang out at the mall or go see movies? Do you like to have time alone to write in a journal or read? Are you cool with having parents around when someone has a party?

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i watch tv and eat

hey this taught me alot about myself!!! i love it

Thanks, very nice effective article….
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i watch tv and read books

i do what i want to do.

Interesting huh :P

chill wit my boys

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