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Let's Talk: How Do You Avoid Peer Pressure?

Sara Bellum

Peer pressure comes in many different forms. You might feel it in group situations, or you might have friends who try to get you to do things that make you uneasy, like smoke cigarettes, steal your parents' prescription medications, cheat on a test, or skip school.

It's hard to stand up for what you believe when everyone else is pushing something different. It's hard for adults, and it's especially hard for teens. So how do you do it—how do you resist peer pressure? What ideas do you have for staying true to you?

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you can resist by not hanging out with the people who do that kind of stuff.

I think about where i will be in 10 years and i say i will be a rockstar. Many rockstars smoke and take drugs all of my idols do. but i think what if i could be a future rockstars idol 1 that doen't smoke and does not take drugs and what impact i can make on rockstars of the far future.

@Steven Boepple Great goals. You may want to see an example of how other musicians who have chosen this path are taking a public stand: https://teens.drugabuse.gov/blog/singing-against-drugs-rock-star-super-st...

You just say no. Whenever the people around you are doing something that you know they shouldn't, and they ask you to join, say no. Do what you think you should do in the situation.

To avoid peer pressure, just try not to hang out with people who do things you don't think is right or agree with.

The way I resist peer pressure is i just simply say no. My idea of staying true is I just walk away if some one asked me to take a hit of either tobacco or weed.

I don't really resist peer pressure. i just have to stay in the right crowd. I also have to know my refusal skills

you could use refusal skills and expect a situation like this to happen in the future and prepare for it now.

Just say no and walk away. There is nothing hard about it.

I pick good friends. Or just say no. If i have friends who do that stuff then they usually know that i ma not that kind of person who smokes or does drugs so they dont even ask me. If they ever do, i just let them know that i dont like that kind of stuff and just tell that that we could do something instead of that.

When someone tries to get me to do something bad i just walk away. Sometimes i even just tell the off. Like just say leave me alone u freak.

When someone try's to get me to do a bad thing I just walk away.

i try not to choose bad friends

Ir resist peer pressure by just saying no or walking away. You have to stand up for yourself and say no or change the topic...!

I stay away from peer presure by give reason why I don't want to. Also, listing the dangers and lastly just plain saying no.

I try to ignore people that try to get me to do things I don't want to do or I try to look for some new friends

i try to ignore my friends if they are going to say that "it"s fun" I'll only do what i wanna do i have my own mind.

When someone does that to me I just walk away. Then I will go to other friends and find something else to do.

What I do if someone is pressure me into smoking is that i tell them that i do not wont to smoke it is bad for me and just walk away

Just walk away if you get caught up in a bad situation or try to convince the people that are pressuring you it is bad.

I resist peer pressure by walking away from the person and avoiding them. Leave the person alone if they trying to pressure you to do something.

nothing just walk away or something or teal him or her no not now not ever ok that all and dont do it ...

I think peer pressure is when every one else is doing it and they might ask you to join and you do not want to be a cry baby and drop out and then you just do it.

I say no and walk away or if it is at lunch i can tell them it would not be a good idea to do what they were suggesting and I could tell them how much it would harm me and or them

drugs can make you do alot of bad thing people should stay away from them [commercial link removed, per guidelines]

some ppl may do things because they think they are cool..and they will have friends that dont do it and they make try to make you do it because it will make you cool too...but doing something bad doesnt make you cool even if your other friends do it, it just makes you stupid. and if you know its bad but you do it anyway even though you dont want to just say no, it may be hard but its better choice in the end

I resist peer pressure by walking away from the person and avoiding them. Leave the person alone if they trying to pressure you to do something.
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I will just leave the place.
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people just need to lay off its not fair

say noooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!and walk maway

Once my best frnd was smoking.he asked me to do once.i felt dat was nt right.i told him if u want to smoke,u cn its up to u bt dnt try to push me into dat,otherwise i will leave u...nw im happy wid my decision..he slowly stop smoking.

peer pressure ool

I hat drugs I will never do drugs when I get older because they are bad when people do drugs I wish everybody will not do It ever. I hate never done drugs in my life and i will never do drugs ever. Iam sorry about the other writing on top read this one on the bottom. Never do drugs

if we learn to trust ourselves and always study friends before we consider to be part of group, we will be able to deal with peer pressure as it comes

i was had a friend when i was doind grade 6, and she was smoking like hell but because i new her and grew up together, it was hard for me to leave her which lead me to smoke once and thinking thats the way of showing her love and i am friendly to her and guess what! started to sick and she was not there

You can just make up an excuse like, I have asthma. It works really well because tobacco will make your asthma worse than it already is.

I would tell them, I am a person who wants to stay healthy and fit, if they cannot accept my way of thinking, they do not have to be friends with me.

If they choose to take drugs of any kind, I tell them I cannot stand anywhere near drugs, so I will see them later and wave goodbye. The key is to have a STRONG opinion and a STRONG reason.
My reason for not taking drugs is because I would like to live long and stay healthy and stay FIT

I always ask myself if it can harm my body or it can lead me to trouble. Also, I do some fun activities like the Talent Show, Science Fair, Dance Crews... and more :) Keep your heads up and SAY NO TO PEER PRESSURE!
good call
I know this guy who was being peer pressured to drink during a high school party but he just went home and when there was another party he brought Yakult and gave that to his fellow peers. then they tried it and started drinking that instead of alcoholic beverages
I think that peer pressure comes in different forms and with different forms of peer pressure u need to find out the best way to get your self out of it.
I don't think that people should peer pressure other people to do something because they are making people change there selves and do something that they don't want to do. If I got peer pressured, I would either say NO!!!, walk away, or ignore them!
I always say no to booze and no one tries to get me to drink it because they know I choose to refuse to use booze
It's hard to say NO when you want to say YES. Since you know you will be tempted to smoke or drink just TRY TO STAY AWAY. If you still want to hang out with friends that peer pressure you then you should choose better friends so you wont have that pressure on doing something that can harm you and the people that love you.
wow thanks guys
No matter what, everyone comes into contact with people who try to pressure and persuade them out of their beliefs. I like to prepare in advance a good way to respond, and make sure I know the facts. That way, when I'm confronted on the spot, I will be ready to defend myself and what I stand for!
I just make up excuses like "Look!!!! a box of doughnuts!!!!!"
I would come up with the alternative idea
thank you
by having a healthy mind and body then you will be able to choose whats best for you wit knowledge.


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