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Let’s Shatter the Myths About Drugs

Image by NIDA.

The NIDA Blog Team

Whether you realize it or not, you’re seeing and hearing a lot of things about drugs that just aren’t true.

For instance, movies and TV sometimes make smoking look like a cool thing to do. But often, tobacco companies are paying the shows’ producers to show smoking that way—so the tobacco companies can get into your head and into your pockets.

Other times, you aren’t told some of the most important things about drugs. One example: Did you know that all drugs affect your brain? Different drugs do different things to the brain, but they all mess with its wiring and signals. And depending on when you start using a drug, the effects can last a long time—in some cases, for your whole life.

At NIDA, we want to shatter the myths about drugs, so you can make choices about your health based on the facts. Check out the “Shatter the Myths” video, and related blog posts, below.

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