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Let’s Talk: Social Media

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Sara Bellum

A few months ago, we asked you about your favorite social networking sites—including Facebook, MySpace, Bebo, and Twitter— and now we want to know a little bit about how you use social media. “Social media” is an overarching term that refers to interactive Web sites as a whole, not just social networking Web sites. While this term surely encompasses social networking sites, social media also can refer to blogs and Web sites such as YouTube, Tumblr, Web sites with online discussion forums, and more.

So now we want to know: how do you use social media? Do you blog, watch YouTube videos, post on discussion boards, or share your favorite viral videos and pictures on Tumblr?

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Social media to people on the outside seems like a chore. In the most simple form--its the act of engaging with clients through different multimedia channels. People should remember that it shouldn't be regarding as one-way communication (not another method for blasting information to customers).

I think that there is a lot of cybelbulling on facebook and myspcae and I think they should just shut down those websites for ike a week or so.

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Social networks are missing a few things, to much exploitation and not enough exposure. We as human beings all have something to offer each-other. We don't need yesterdays ways of doing things. Im not a face book fan, maybe when I'm famous. I want to talk social network (business) can anyone in this beautiful world help me understand?

Social Media is an integral part of life and all the good, bad and indifferent will come with it, the same as it does with any form of more tradtiional communication.
Being aware of what message you are sending out and that gossip online can cover the globe in a day is part of the responsibility that comes with ineracting online. I'm a social media manager [commercial link removed, per guidelines] so you can see, working in this field is my job. I hope you get to use social media and have a lot of fun with it, you may well be laying the groundwork for future job roles or areas that are important to areas of your life such as career.

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Social media will be bigger and bigger

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I use Social Media to connect with family and friends and share photos mainly.

I personally use everything, Twitter, FB, Pinterest, I also have a blog. I have never made a video clip, but YouTube is in my list as well.

Regards, Sienna Brown
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I am glad to read this..Social media is really a great part of my life,and mainly use this for connecting with my friends.....Thanks for sharing this..I will look forward for your next post...

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