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Let’s Talk: National Drug Facts Week

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Sara Bellum

In November 2010, NIDA held its first-ever National Drug Facts Week (NDFW), where people around the U.S. worked with friends, family, and neighbors to plan events to dispel the myths and discuss the facts about drug abuse.

People got really creative with their events. The Community Anti-Drug Coalitions of America held a game show called “Think Fast” at its National Leadership Forum.

NDFW was so successful last year that NIDA has planned another: this year’s NDFW will be the week of October 31-November 6!

So, now, we want to know: Will you be participating in this year’s NDFW? Are you planning an event? What type of event would you like to attend?

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i would like to participate in NDFW. Participating in NDFW just got even easier. All you have to do is tweet, blog, or Facebook about NDFW or NIDA's drug facts to help shatter the myths about drug abuse.
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