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Let’s Talk: Blog Post Categories

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Sara Bellum

By now you know that our readers’ opinions matter to us, especially when it comes to the topics we cover. SBB publishes posts in 13 different categories: Blast from the Past, Codebreaker, Featured Posts, From the Lab, Know the Scene, Let’s Talk, National Drug Facts Week, NIDA News, Real Life, Real Teens Ask, Sara’s Stats, Video Posts and Word of the Day. So, we would like to know…

Which blog category do you like the most? Why?

Update (3/2/12): We've made changes to the blog categories based on feedback from teens like you Let us know what you think. Did we get it right?

To answer the question, you can either submit a comment by writing your response in the “Leave a Reply” box below, or send us a message. As always, we read all comments and consider all feedback.

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