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Join the Great CyberShoutout to Kickoff National Drug Facts Week

Sara Bellum

National Drug Facts Week (NDFW) is a 5-day event that features teen-led activities, a cool contest sponsored by the Grammy Awards, and chats to shatter the myths around drug abuse and addiction. SBB and NIDA want you to help us spread the word through school and community events, both online and in person. Read on… NDFW kicks off on Monday, November 8, with the Sara Bellum CyberShoutout. We’ll be blogging here on the SBB and adding updates from you throughout the day. We need your support to make this good. Could you maybe:

  • Post a comment here on the Sara Bellum blog?
  • Write a new post for your own blog?
  • Post our new NDFW Web badge on your blog.
  • Upload event pictures to Flickr?
  • Post drug facts that we give you to your Facebook and/or Twitter account, or wherever you share updates and issues with friends and family?

Note: If you plan to blog or post something to your Facebook page for the CyberShoutout, let us know in the comments. If you’ll be tweeting, don’t forget to use the hashtag #drugfacts2010 so we can update Sara Bellum throughout that day with your ideas and thoughts. We hope you’ll take part in this CyberShoutout event – together, we can separate fact from fiction when it comes to drug abuse and addiction! Here are some facts to get you started:

  • The chances of becoming addicted to marijuana or any drug differ for everyone. For weed, that's about 1 in 11 people. Learn more.
  • In 2006, prescription pain medications were involved in more overdose deaths than heroin and cocaine combined. Learn more.
  • Drugs reset brain’s pleasure meter, making you feel hopeless & sad w/out drugs 'til normal fun stops making you happy. Learn more.

Get in on the action! Teens across the nation will be participating in NDFW through activities, participating in Drug Facts Chat Day, and leading events in their communities. How loud can you shout? Remember, no matter how or where you speak out, add the hashtag #drugfacts2010.

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Nice Idea that SBB and NIDA want you to help us spread the word through school and community events, both online and in person about National Drug Facts Week (NDFW)
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That CyberShoutout was fantastic! Any information for more National Drug Facts Week events in 2016? Thanks!
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