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Help Shatter the Myths: What Will You Shoutout?

This blog post is archived and is no longer being updated. For the latest content, please visit the main Drugs & Health Blog page.
Sara Bellum

Today is the official start of National Drug Facts Week! All over the country, teens are coming together with scientists, parents, teachers, and community organizations to learn the facts about drugs and addiction.

In Philadelphia, Women in Forensic Science is holding an event about the link between drugs and crime. In Laramie, Wyoming, students at Wyoming Indian High School plan to take part in a chat with an addiction expert, then travel 4 hours to the Wind River Indian Reservation where they will explore the consequences of drug use by writing or drawing on a canvas tipis about what they would miss out on if they were using drugs.

You can get involved in a matter of minutes, online! Give us a shoutout here on this blog or in your own blog, or on Twitter or Facebook.  Shatter the myths out there about and shout it out about drugs and addiction!  Tag your shoutout so we can find it, and check this blog throughout the day for a showcase of your shoutouts.  See for more information and sample facts to post!


Office of National Drug Control Policy [This website is no longer active.]

"Giving teens accurate scientific information they understand will empower them to think critically about drug use and its consequences; enabling them to make smart, healthy, and responsible decisions."

Armed With Science

"As we all know, there is a growing awareness that military personnel, veterans and their families need help confronting a variety of war related problems, including substance abuse. Tobacco use, for example, is about 50 percent higher among the Nation’s active duty military personnel and veterans than in the civilian population."

GovLoop [Page is now inactive.]

Partnership for a Drugfree America

"Mark your calendars! Next week is National Drug Facts Week (NDFW), a week-long health observance week held by the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) for teens that aims to shatter the myths about drug and alcohol abuse."

PLoS Neuroanthropology [This website is no longer active.]

"This week is National Drug Facts Week, sponsored by the National Institute on Drug Abuse. As someone who has spent a long time working with teens and substance use and abuse, I’m happy to take part!"

Evidencesoup [This website is no longer active.]

"The organization has a NIDA for Teens site, covering the science behind drug abuse, and a blog called Sara Bellum (cute). There's also a Drug Facts Week web site and a Facebook page [link removed]. NIDA is on Twitter at @NIDANews (using hashtag #drugfacts2010 for this week)."

The #neuroscience Daily MomTini Lounge

"I’m shouting out because in 2009, nearly 1 out of 10 high school seniors were still abusing prescription pain pills… unintentional overdoses involving pain medicines have more than tripled in the past 10 years, outnumbering total deaths involving heroin and cocaine."

Ziggy's Blog

"November 8-14 is National Drug Facts Week, and as a parent of a tween/teen, I know you want to be able to talk to your teen about  drugs and know the facts...not just facts, but the correct facts.  So I’m joining teens, parents, teachers, and scientists across America to kick off National Drug Facts Week by offering up my own shoutout for educating teens about drug abuse."

Social Media Technology in Prevention [Page is now inactive.]

"Armed with the best of science we can all do better at protecting our health and that of our kids."

Addiction Recovery Basics [Page is now inactive.]

"Add your voice today and post your own drug abuse shoutout on your blog, Facebook profile, Twitter account—or wherever you see fit. When you choose to speak, you choose to act."

Reclaiming Futures

"Here at Reclaiming Futures, of course, we're especially concerned about adolescent substance abuse among teens in the juvenile justice system."

Center on Media and Child Health

"According to NIDA's 2009 Monitoring the Future Survey (High School and Youth Trends), cigarette smoking is at its lowest among students in grades 8, 10, and 12. On the other hand, Marijuana use rates have remained steady  and non-medical use of Vicodin and Oxycodin increased in the past 5 years."

Dana Foundation [link removed]

"Young people are far more likely to use and to become dependent on alcohol and tobacco than the more illicit drugs (though purchasing all of these is illegal for teenagers)."

Scientopia: Drugmonkey Wordswork [link removed]

"This week, you have the opportunity to get smart about what drugs might do, before you act. Learn the facts about drugs and addiction, then think twice."

Organized Wisdom ]Page is now inactive.] IQ Solutions [link removed]

"We proudly join teens and adults everywhere rallying together on Twitter, Facebook, and their blogs to shatter the myths and spread the facts when it comes to drug abuse and addiction. Won’t you join us?"

SHOUTOUTS ON TWITTER: @NIDANews @ONDCP @HealthFinder @IQSolutions @TheHelpline @MomTiniLounge @WomenInForensic @SocialBttrfly @DCoffBeatArtist @A3Addiction @Coyenator @CMCH_Boston @Care_Aware

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I think this shout out is really great. It's horrible about how drugs can affect the world. Families, individuals, and our society are affected by it. It takes lives, commitments, families, and even individuals souls. I don't respect people who bring this put down to their families and to themselves but I'm acceptable to helping them.

Shout out from the Public Health Bugle to "Help Shatter The Myths." For an interesting discussion article on current research and surprising findings on teenage drug use, please visit the following link: [Link removed. This website is no longer active.]

I see the effects of drug use first hand. I manage a 40-bed detoxification unit and everyday I see how individuals as well as their families suffer due to the disease of addiction. Here in the state of Florida we are experiencing a new type of user. About 75% of our patients are addicted to Rx pain killers and are between the ages of 18 and 30. This shout out concept is awesome as it spreads the word, educate and reaise the awareness among young people as well as parents/family members and communities in general on the dangers of drugs and shatter the myths around drugs and addiction in general. There is nothing better than knowledge to create change and this venue is definetely a good way to spread the knowledge. This is awesome! Thanks for doing this NIDA!!!!

"We have to accept young people like to experiment - with drugs and other potentially harmful activities - and what we should be doing in all of this is to protect them from harm at this stage of their lives."
Professor Nutt

[Deleted link to BBC News story about Britain’s former drug czar who was sacked for implying that Ecstasy was potentially no more harmful than equestrian sports as a dangerous activity – with the point being that government prioritizes risk, encouraging some risky behaviors and discouraging others deemed “illegal” but perhaps less risky]

I run a blog at Some Chick's Blog all about Meth and as a survivor of meth abuse myself I am so happy to find the Sara Bellum blog. I truly wish there were resources like those you have listed here when I was younger. My blog is dedicated to educating and helping those involved in anyway with addiction. Thank you again for making this blog available to teens! [commercial link removed, per guidelines]

Education from primary age is what is required, about good drugs and bad drugs

is there really any good drugs?
[commercial link removed, per guidelines]

A shout from the body balanced -health program!
I have left a link that goes to a site that talks in
depth about mineral balancing for children
and its effects on drug abuse.

[commercial link removed, per guidelines]

I have to accept young people like to experiment with drugs and other potentially harmful activities and what we should be doing in all of this is to protect them from harm at this stage of their lives.
[commercial link removed, per guidelines]

Young children enjoy game titles and definately will devote hours on end playing these people. This is one particular single mother's observations upon regardless of whether video gaming are bad for young children. [commercial link removed, per guidelines]