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Have You Seen Molly? Even if You Think So, You May Have Been Fooled

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Fliers featuring a pretty, wide-eyed blonde litter music festivals and concerts. She has duct tape across her mouth, and the headline reads “Have You Seen Molly?” But these aren’t about a missing person—they are advertisements of the club drug Molly (MDMA, also known as Ecstasy).

The image began as a teaser for a 2012 music video by French DJ Cedric Gervais, and Gervais’ graphic has turned into a full-fledged meme (a pop-culture reference shared widely from person to person), available on T-shirts, bumper stickers, and lots of places online.

A flier with a picture of a pretty blonde woman with duct tape over her mouth that says Missing: Have you seen Molly? She makes me want to dance... #whereismolly cedricgervais.com

But this advertising is just another way to get you to buy and try. And, with all the hype, it’s tempting to believe that Molly is just a good-time—no-harm-done—drug. It’s even got the reputation as the “pure” form of MDMA. Somehow, by being pure it seems safer than other forms of the drug. Even the name “Molly” sounds like a doll or the girl next door.

But it’s just hype. Drug dealers are salesmen, and it’s all branding.

Pure or Not Pure: MDMA Isn’t Safe

While on MDMA, you can feel anxious and agitated, have chills, or feel faint or dizzy. The side effects also don’t stop once the drug has left your system. Like a tank of nitrous-oxide in a souped-up Grand Theft Auto car, MDMA gives your brain a quick, huge boost of the mood-enhancing chemical, serotonin. Days and weeks after you’ve taken the drug, your brain hasn’t quite refueled its supply of serotonin and you can experience confusion, depression, sleep problems, drug cravings, and anxiety.

MDMA is especially dangerous for people on certain types of prescription depression medicines including Prozac and drugs called MAO inhibitors.

And It May Not Even Be Molly

It turns out, most Molly is far from “pure” MDMA. Of 143 batches of Molly seized by the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) between 2009 and 2013, only 13 percent actually contained ANY MDMA. It’s even worse in Florida. According to the Florida Poison Information Center, the odds of actually consuming MDMA when purchasing Molly are zero. (No, that’s not a typo—it’s actually zero!)

How do we know? Because none of the drugs packaged as Molly that were seized in west Florida in the past 6 months contained any MDMA at all.

So what are people tripping on when they take Molly? Bath salts! These are nasty chemicals—which you can learn more about here. Bath salts users have needed help for heart problems, paranoia, hallucinations, and panic attacks, and bath salts have been linked to numerous deaths as well as serious emergencies involving dehydration, breakdown of muscle tissue attached to bones, and kidney failure.

The Smart Move

When you buy drugs like Molly or MDMA, there is no way to know what you're actually getting. And while it may feel like everyone around you is tripping on it, very few people actually make that choice. Less than 2 percent of 8th graders, less than 4 percent of 10th graders, and less than 6 percent of 12th graders have ever tried Molly.

Bottom Line: You don’t need to take drugs to take it all in. It’s a risky move to try Molly, and if the music isn’t enough…maybe you’re at the wrong concert.

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Wow. Powerful article/blog post. I love the line "and if the music isn’t enough…maybe you’re at the wrong concert." Seriously, only an idiot would use drugs. I happen to know for a fact that at least half the celebs in the USA have done some form of drugs. Look at all these celebs who have died from drug and/or alcohol abuse. Take Michael Jackson, so many people idolized him and yet where is he now? In a grave sleeping off a drug overdose. Only he won't be waking up. I want to know why it takes celebs dying over drug abuse to open our eyes.
" only an idiot would use drugs " So I presume you've never had Coffee, Alcohol, Paracetamol, Tobacco or any medication at all. Only an Idiot would be drug ignorant.
That's just ridiculous. Yes, I have done drugs. And it got me expelled from school. I got away with it because I joined an online school. But the point is no, I'm not drug ignorant. What I meant was illegal drugs are illegal for a reason. I get that some people need drugs to keep themselves alive. But those other people? The people who do it for fun? They're the idiouts. Myself included. Who cares if I only did it once, I'm still an idiot for doing it in the first place.
Not cool
I perfectly agree with this article.Let`s help the world stop drugs.....especially young teens and show them they have a whole life ahead of them.
molly is dangerous and not a good drug. the chances of the molly you buy actually containing any MDMA is 0% in florida. molly uses up the majority of your seratonin after you use it, and you can experience bad side effects. when taking molly, chances are you're really taking bath salts, which are bad yo. while on molly you can feely dizzy, anxious, and agitated and feel faint.
Wow. Thanks for summarizing the article that we all just read. You really enjoy having all of this cherrypicked information stuffed down your throat, don't you.
MDMA is the active ingredient that causes euphoria, but of course, like with any unregulated drug that you buy from some dude, you are taking a risk on the actual contents. They put bad stuff like speed or PMA or PMMA and they have similar effects but have dangerous side effects in large quantities so its never safe to buy drugs
Thanks For information
i have always been tempted or persuaded by peers of mine to try the drug, but i have never been intersted in it. i think that drugs like this are a waste of brain cells and a waste of time, to be in a state of not caring to anyone or anything and just finding the urge to dance isnt the drug for me
Buying drugs never really is safe because no one actually knows what they are taking. They will believe anything the drug dealer says but he really only wants to make money. But the drug molly sticks out to me the most because anyone can get something that looks just like it and sell it and someone can swallow it and get put into serious harm. So me myself would never actually trust anyone at all to give me something that most likely would be fake and dangerous.
This is verry sad that people have to advertise drugs to get people in.Also this is very dangerous that it might not even be pure molly.Also thats very dumb that just cuz it pure mdma its same can't believe people believe that.I will never try this drug seems like more of a risk than a high.I hope this disappears so it can be that much safer.
bath salts - any fool knows they are dangerous. Once you see a picture of a user hooked up to iv's to save their life it's wake up time! Listen to those that know and use your own brain.
I saw a video of a kid trying "molly' when it is actually m&ms XD He is like See m is for molly and his mom came in the room ad he told her he was eating molly and th wmom sai dwait untill i tell your dad and he screams IM KIDDING ITS M&MS mom! ;-; XD
Propaganda at its finest. Some of this information is correct- but almost all of it is exaggerated and sensationalized. If you actually want anyone to take you seriously you need to give the whole truth, not just what you've cherry picked to fit your agenda.