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Sara Bellum

Since we’re at the end of December, it’s almost time for New Year’s Resolutions. Most of those are really hard to keep, right? (like commitments to exercise more or get straight A’s). Well, SBB is prepared to make a New Year’s resolution of another kind: to stay on top of the latest news and information about drug abuse and addiction and share it with all of you. After a great start in 2009, with more than 59 blog posts and nearly 40,000 unique visitors to the site, you probably know by now that you can trust this blog for scientific and accurate information about drugs and related topics.

What can we expect from NIDA scientists in the year 2010? Here are just a few of the questions researchers will be working on in the coming year:

  • How can we best use the Internet to help people with drug problems?
  • Can we really get a vaccine for people addicted to cigarettes, or to illegal drugs like cocaine, to help them quit and prevent them from starting up again?
  • How does smoking affect bone health in teen girls?
  • What is the best way to help people addicted to prescription drugs like Vicodin and Oxycontin?
  • How can we develop pain medications that are as strong as Vicodin but will not get you addicted?
  • How can we use the part of marijuana that might work as a medicine and give it to people in a safe way?

So 2010 should be an exciting year! And SBB “resolves” to be right here to tell you about it. Happy New Year everyone—What’s 2010 look like for all of you?

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Great post. Your blogs are very trusted. My teenage son enjoys reading them. Thanks

you guy are some cool and funny grils

" ... with more than 59 blog posts and nearly 40,000 unique visitors to the site, you probably know by now that you can trust this blog for scientific and accurate information about drugs and related topics."

Much of the information on this website is factual and helpful. However, comparing substance addiction to chronic diseases such as type 1 diabetes, asthma, etc. is obscene. The deep thinker that came up with that idea should be on Madison Avenue selling refrigerators to Eskimos. It makes me think that you're out to sell the idea to make money. You do not relapse into type 1 diabetes!!! Or asthma or hypertension! By the way, why aren't success rates for treatment readily accessible? Because they're dismal. Especially when "success" can be defined as reducing the use of drugs, not the elimination of it. The ONLY people who kick drug addiction are the ones who want to do it, or ones who one day have an epiphany. Government grants are a wonderful thing.

@Health professional 30+ Years--Agreed. We shouldn't compare relapse to drug use with relapase to type 1 diabetes. It would be better to compare them in terms of symptoms--that is, if you don't change your lifestyle or take your medicines, the symptoms will recur in both cases. Addiction is a disease because it changes the brain in ways that provoke compulsive behaviors--similar to the hallmarks of other mental illnesses--in this case the relentless pursuit of drugs no matter what the consequences. Success rates for treatment are low mainly because it is difficult for a person to make the kinds of changes they have to make to stay off drugs once they're hooked. Not only behaviors, but an entire lifestyle, environment, a host of "triggers," even friends can all conspire to sabotage best intentions. Desire and epiphanies can definitely help. But so can treatment.

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