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National Drug Facts Week is coming, and teens all over the country will be talking. To get the conversation started, NIDA has created a booklet, Drugs: Shatter the Myths, that separates fact from fiction about drug abuse and addiction. As you’ll notice, the ‘thought’ questions below also appear at the back of the booklet. We want your opinions—so join in the discussion by leaving us a comment. It can be about one of these ideas, or your own. 1. How do you convince a friend who is using drugs that they may be at risk for addiction or other bad consequences even though they feel fine right now? 2. Knowing what we do now, would you make cigarettes illegal if you could? 3. What is the best way to convince you or your friends that prescription drugs can be dangerous when abused— without scaring the people who need them? 4. Do you consider it cheating when athletes use steroids to improve their performance—what should the consequences be? 5. What’s the best way to get messages out to teens?

  • Social networks
  • TV ads
  • Web sites

6. Who should the messages be from? If we haven’t covered something you want to know more about, go to http://www.teens.drugabuse.gov and enter your topic in the search box – and thanks for sharing!

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2. I would make cigarettes illegal if I could , because they're disgusting and terrible for you. The things they put in there , and also the health defects! You can get brain damage, mouth damage, cancer etc. ..its really bad for you and I would ban them if I could.

5. The best way to get the message out to NOT do drugs is on TV probably. A lot of people watch TV so its a good idea. There are thousands of websites that are about staying away from drugs, but nobody really looks at them too much. On TV, they can put the commercials or even TV shows on stations a lot of teenagers watch. On a lot of TV shows they're showing a lot of drugs/alcohol/cigarettes and they show it like they're okay for you to have, and they're not. So people need to get the message out.

1. you could convince a friend by showing them what will happen. I think this because lots of kids our age don't really take things seriously when its from our friends, but showing them videos, pictures, websites and ads just might be the trick. If I had to tell someone how bad drugs are, I would show them videos on how you can change from being "ok" to "Not ok" when taking drugs.

2. If I had the rights, Yes I would make cigarettes illegal. I say this because so many kids get sick from smoking or just being around it. Also, kids deserve to have a great future and a great life and why ruin it with smoking cigarettes? I know I want a good life to live and I am sure others do to. So yes, I would make cigarettes illegal if I could.

2. Knowing what we know about cigarettes I would not make them fully illegal but I would restrict the amount people can do in a week. Then hopefully keep making the legal limit less and less until I make them illegal just to ween them off of the habit. 4. Yes i would consider steroid users to be cheaters because other players actually work for there muscle when the steroid users just inject themselves with it and they gain muscle.

2.) If I could make cigarettes illegal then I definitely would. The only problem is that people would still find a way to get their hands on them. Also, if you immediately get rid of cigarettes, a lot of people would be affected in harmful ways. So many people are addicted to them that if they were to immediately stop using them; it could result in dangerous behaviors. Even though this can happen, the damage cigarettes can do to you is much worse. It would also have a positive impact on people who will grow up with little to no cigarettes around. Therefore, I would make cigarettes illegal if possible.

5.) I think that the best way to get messages out to teens is by using social network like Facebook or Twitter. Most teenagers have an account to at least some sort of social media. It would most likely make them more aware of who is doing it and from being on the website so much, they can see it more often and how often its happening.

Why doesn't the President make smoking illegal in the USA?

Interesting question. What do you think?

How many chemicals are in a cigaret. How many illegal in the USA?

The number of additives varies by company – typically around 100 or 150 (or more). Hopefully none are illegal in the US, but you can check for yourself. The cigarette companies are now required to publicly disclose the chemicals they add – though the exact formulas remain trade secrets. Stay tuned for a more detailed blog post on this topic.

2. cigarettes should be illegal because they are very bad for you and they can give you different type of cancer

4. it is cheating when ahletes use steroids. they shoul get suspended for th rest of the season

i would make cigarets illegal because they do a lot of dammage to your body especialy your lungs smoking is one of the leading causes of lung cancer and disese. and caancer is a very serious illness

1.) i think a way to show your friend or family member that they are at risk of addiction it to show them things that have happened to other people by using those drugs or kind of tell them what they will use by using those drugs.

5.) i think the best way to send a message to kids is by sharing a true story or showing the examples of the situation. so then they see and think wow this really can happen to people like me.

Knowing what i know now, i would make cigarretes illegal. Many people would probably protest this, and many wouldnt stop. But there is no harm in making it illegal if it harms you.
I say this because cigarrets will kill our society one day. They damage every part of your body, and less damage means less death.

The best way to get the word out to teens in my opinion would be through social networking. If they're about to send that text saying "Lets go get high", then maybe they'll think twice when they see the ad.

2.) I would make cigerattes illegal and i would ban the use of making cigaretts.
5.) The best way to get the message out to teens is all of them, social net works, tv ads, and web sites.

4.) I do consider it cheating when athletes use steroids to improve their performance because it is giving them an advantage over people other people who are playing. And i think the punishment should be they get kicked of the team they're on
6.) The message should be from other teens, I think, because teens will be more interested in another teen who did something and met conciquenses rather than an adult who did.

5.I think the best way to get messaged out to teens would be soical networks because most teens are online. Most teens change the show when commercials come on.

2. With what I know I would make cigarettes illegal. Even if a lot of people want to smoke I would make sure that cigarettes are not smoked. They are bad for your health and in the end do no good for you.

4. I do consider it cheating when athletes use steroids to improve their athletic ability. The consenqusences should be that they cant compete in any competition with that sport. The reason why I think that is because if they can't improve their ability on the own they can't succeed with steroids ethier.

1.) I would tell them you know what you are doing right now. Ypu are really messing up your bady to think and you may get addicted to that drug because you are so young and you are not used to that thing in your body. So just be aware of that and take care of your body. So please people that are reading this please dont ever start at a young age because you may be at risk of getting addicted.
5.) The best way to get messages out to teens is to tell as many people as possible and then they would tell their friends and it would keep going on and on from there. It is really cool to think about that if you tell someone a positive thing and they tell another it could get around so fast because it just keeps going abd going. Also using social network and web sites because most people go online for answers to their questions and some people think that all the information is correct.
3.) What I would do is that I would tell them as long as the injury or whatever is current and you are not over dosing and it is perscribed to you then it is okay to use it. If it is not all three of those things than I would say dont use it at all because you dont know what will happen to you if you use it.

5. In my opinion, the best way to get a message to teens is social networking. Many teens spend time on Facebook, Twitter, etc.

6. I think the message should be from a singer or actor or actress.

5) how the messages should be put out there is by, having commericals during tv shows that are most watched by teens, or by putting little messages on the internet so they might click on it.

6) Who the messages should be from, is famous people. The reason why I say that is because it might change thier mind about doing that stuff. Also it should be from previous users of the stuff to show them, how horrible it can be.

2.yes because over 400000 die each year


5. socail networking because its fatser because people have IM

#2 with what i know i would make cigaretts illigal beause they cause so much damage to the body so i would have them illigalised before people were addicted to them
#5 I think that the message should be sent out through social networks because not everyonr watches tv and usually people just listen to music on their I-Pod. almost all teens go onto their phone and go on facebook or twitter all the time.
1.) You can conivnce your friend that it is bad by, doing reasearch and making a mini project of what you learned out of it. Also you could conduct and "expirement" of what will happen if you got addicted. 2.) I would make cigarettes illegal. I would because there are many harmful chemicals in it. Second, because the effects on what they do to you are so harmful it is not worth selling and promoting them anywhere.
5.)What’s the best way to get messages out to teens? Social Networking. Teens use this the most often and they spend lots of time on them, like Facebook instagram and tumblr so it would get the message out to people. 4. Do you consider it cheating when athletes use steroids to improve their performance—what should the consequences be? Yes it is cheating and gives an unfair advantage to the player using it. The consequence should be that the player is suspended from all sports activities for the remainder of the year.
2. I would make cigarettes illegal if I could because it would prevent a lot of deaths and health problems. People wouldn't have to lose loved ones from lung cancer or any other smoking related condition.
6. The messages should be from people who we look up to like our favorite athletes, singers, or actors and actresses. Some singers sing about drugs and alchohol like its awesome and it's no big deal. These singers shouldn't be doing this. It helps introduce drugs and alchohol to younger kids who listen to that particular singers music. If you heard the consequences on the radio people would hear it a lot more. This could cause people to think "If my favorite singer says it's bad I shouldn't do it". This happens now but the singers endorse instead.
I would make cigarettes illegal by showing as many people the damage it can do to you. I would try to get every school to have one day to show the harmful effects of smoking and maybe some people would want to ban it in the U.S. I would try to get town representatives to want to make cigarettes illegal.
I think that athletes using steroids is cheating because it is not their own performance when doing the sport. It is the steroids helping them, which is not a fair game. The conciquence should be that the player should be off of the team for the season because it is not fair to the other players.
Yes i would make cigaretts illegal because people shoudnt be putting the stuff inside cigaretts into their bodies just to make them feel cool or as a stress reliever
5) The best way to get the message out to teens is social networks because teens use that most
2) Yes i would make cigarettes illegal because people shouldnt be puttting the stuff in cigarettes into their body just to try and be cool or as a stress reliever
1. I think that these drugs will be harmful to anyone that get ahold of them. We should make the right decisions. THESE DRUGS ARE HARMFUL. They can damage you in many ways.
I would make cigarettes illegal because athletes that use steroids seems like cheating because it wouldnt be fair because it gives them extra strength. the teams would have a unfair advantage
I would make cigarettes if i could because people know how bad they are for them but they still do it. People that do smoke have alot of health problems and some lead to death. And it would be better for people to know they wouldn't lood someone close to them from smoking.
2.) Knowing what I know now If I could I would make cigarettes illegal because they are slowly killing you. They not only hurt you but they hurt your family member who know what will soon happen to you. You are also hurting others with second hand smoke. It's not fair to any one. 4.)I would consider an athlete that using steroids a cheater. If you made the team your good enough you don't need steroids. If the other Players don't use steroids nether should you. Your putting your self a head in a dirty way. Plain and simple it just isn't fair.
1.I would tell the friend 'Dude, you might have a chance at death if you keep on doing this. I don't care if it is "cool" to you, just stop!' 2. I would make drugs illegal if i could because it is killing people softly but DeAdLy.
Q.2 Yes I would make cigarettes illegal because it has effected so many lives. Q.6 The message should be from a person who has done that drug and has been effected by it so it could show the teen that the drug has consequences.
2-yes i would make cigarettes illegal because there so bad for you and have and addicted drug in it called nicotine. if drugs are illegal shouldn't nicotine be? The best way to get the message out to teens is to use tv ads because a lot of teens watch tv all the time so thats why they should make a tv ad.
quetsion 2: If i could i would make cigarettes illegal because there is really no point at all to using them and all cigarettes do is hurt your body and end your life quicker. Question 3: yes i do think that it is cheating if athletes use steroids to improve their performance because steroids make them do better and its not fair to who ever they are competing against that is playing fairly. The consequence should be that they should be kicked off the team and never let on another team if they are going to cheat. Question 5: I think the best way to get messages out to teens is through T.v or social networks because now a days that is all kids are doing watching T.v and chatting or posting on social networks.
2. Knowing what I know now, I wouldn't make cigarettes illegal because it is other peoples decision to put these things into their body. I do not support the idea at all, and would try to get people to stop, but if we made cigarettes illegal, people would find them somewhere and get them like they do everything else.
4. I think it is cheating when an athlete uses steroids. they are using the steroids to boost their playing ability. I think that if the athletes playing ability isn't high enough to meet the expectations o the team, then they shouldn't be playing the sport on that team. if an athlete is caught using any type of steroid, I think that they should be suspended from the team. any ability enhancing drug that any person could be using isn't fair to the opposing team because they are facing an opponent with more skill than they normally have, which gives that team an advantage.
1.I would say to them that it will get worse the more you do it so stop doing it. 2. I would make the m illegal because they are so bad for you. 3. Prescription drugs are just as dangerous as regular drugs. You might get addicted to those drugs to. 4. Yes I think it is cheating because it makes you better but it is still a drug. The consequences should be a ban from the game. 5. I think it is social networks because a lot of teens go on those sites to talk with friends. 6. The message should be from the people that did smoke or did drugs at a young age.
#2 I would not make cigarettes if i could.Because I believe it would cause cigarette smokers to try and use other drugs mostly weed.It would also make people use chewing tobacco and i believe its worst. #4 I think using steroids would be cheating its basically and easy way to get trained.I think it ruins the point of training.
Question #2: Knowing what I do now, I would make cigarettes illegal because of the terrible sidefects you get from using them. First of all, when you smoke a cigarette you fill your lungs with gook that causes you to have difficalty breathing. Also, smoking can cause cancer and heart problems in the long run. Lastly, when a smoker smokes a ciggarette they effect all the people around them with second hand smoke, not just themselfs. In conclusion, if I had the power to make cigarettes illegal I would because of its harmfull sideaffects and threat to non smokers from second hard smoke. Question #5: I think the best way to get messages out to teens is tv ads. One example, is that when teens see something in an advertisement that stands out to them they tend to remember it better than if they read something. Also, when a teen sees the affects of something like ciggarettes they could use what they had seen to say no. Lastly, almost all teens watch some tv so everyone will be able to see the tv ads. In conclusion, I think tv advertisements are the best way to get messages out to teens because of the fact that teens can get a visual view and almost everyone can watch it.
I feel that cigarettes should be illegal because people know it's bad... they know they can die from these things... so why should there be something that you can legally buy that can legitamitely kill you? I mean, seriously world? I also think that the best way to get the message out to teens is by social networking sites because quite literally everybody in the world uses these sort of sites.
4)I think it is considered cheating when athletes use steroids or any thing that gives them an edge over other athletes. Athletes should play based on their own skills and abilities, not by any other drugs helping them. It is not fair to the other athletes playing against them. 2.) Knowing what we know now we should have made cigarettes illegal. There is nothing good that cigarettes do. They cause all kinds of bad things to you. They cause cancer, and make people sick in so many ways. Other things that are bad for you like drugs are illegal, and I think if cigarettes were too people wouldn't be dying from them.
5. the best way to get messages out of teens is are social networks ( Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, etc.)
6. the messages should be from celebrities people teens look up to that might help then listen better then there parents telling them to.


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