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National Drug Facts Week is coming, and teens all over the country will be talking. To get the conversation started, NIDA has created a booklet, Drugs: Shatter the Myths, that separates fact from fiction about drug abuse and addiction. As you’ll notice, the ‘thought’ questions below also appear at the back of the booklet. We want your opinions—so join in the discussion by leaving us a comment. It can be about one of these ideas, or your own. 1. How do you convince a friend who is using drugs that they may be at risk for addiction or other bad consequences even though they feel fine right now? 2. Knowing what we do now, would you make cigarettes illegal if you could? 3. What is the best way to convince you or your friends that prescription drugs can be dangerous when abused— without scaring the people who need them? 4. Do you consider it cheating when athletes use steroids to improve their performance—what should the consequences be? 5. What’s the best way to get messages out to teens?

  • Social networks
  • TV ads
  • Web sites

6. Who should the messages be from? If we haven’t covered something you want to know more about, go to http://www.teens.drugabuse.gov and enter your topic in the search box – and thanks for sharing!

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The best wayto get things out to teens would probly be with social networking sites because everbody goes on them.

Whether or not cigarettes are illegal, people will still find a way to get their hands on them and smoke them. It is up to us to make good decisions and CHOOSE not to smoke.

yes. i would make cigarettes illigal if i could because they are really harmfull to your health and could kill you. i mean, who wants to die? and because you could loose your ability to talk and create a hole in your throat. also very harmfull to your health. lastly because it could make others not want to be around you. people who know these things are harmful still shoudnt do it.

Yes, I think that athletes that use steriods to help improve their performance is deffinatly cheating. That is not fair to those who do use it because others who don't might feel bad because they aren't doing as well, but at the same time, they do not have to face the consequences that those who are using them do. People who use them should be kicked off the team that they are on and they should be taken off of the steriods forever. That is not fair and should not be accectable. Would you want to use steriods to score more points, just because you will look cool? Or would you want to be someone who tries really hard and gets points that way? You chose...

yes it is cheeting when players use durgs to make them selfs better because others do not and it could help them get awsrds

yes i would make it illegale to smoke becvause it cause4 a lot of death and could make kids can get 2 hand smoke

Question 4-
If an athlete uses steroids to improve they're performance, I do think that is cheating. Because, they would be stronger than everyone else, it just wouldn't be fair, that person could hurt others, and they would make the people who aren't on steroids feel bad because they wouldn't be doing as well as the person who is. Using steroids, or any other type of drug, comes with consequences. I think that the athlete who is using steroids should be kicked off the team as their consequence. I bet someone who doesn't use steroids would do even better than the person who is.

Question 5-
I think Social Networks would be the best way to get the message out to teens. I think that because, most kids are on Facebook and Myspace and Twitter or just on the computer. Most teens wouldn't pay attention to adults when they say drugs are bad, but since it's on Facebook or Twitter, they would be more likely to pay attention.

--- I honestly think that teens, or kids in general, wont not do drugs because they see other people doing it- their peers, parents, friends, relatives, movie stars, etc.- and they'll think it's cool. Even if we make cigarettes illegal, people will still smoke them anyway. Even if you kick someone off the basketball team, or the football team, or the soccer team, they will still do steroids or drugs anyway. Even if you tell them how unhealthy drugs are, kids and teens will still drink, smoke, inhale and everything else that's known to man. That's just my opinion though.

2.Yes, I would make smoking illgeal because it can harm your body. Also because, if your parents want to keep you away from smoking and your friend's parents smoke, that's not very safe!!! You don't want to be around smoking, it's bad for you and it's not cool either!!!

I think that if i had a choice to make cigarettes illegal i would. Cigarettes have so many bad things in them that it is not even funny. When people start smoking they dont look at the effects. There are so many things cigarettes can do to you. they can cause lung cancer, highblood pressure, and many more. When kids start to smoke they think that it is alright because everybody does it and it is cool. When you start to smoke it is hard to stop and people who want to quit can't because they are so addicted to it. So in the end the choice to smoke or not to smoke all comes down to you.

5.The best way to get the message out to teens is on TV because not all teens have a computer or an account, but most teens have a TV and watch it all the time at home. You can have a TV show where the they dedicate an episode to not doing stuff like, smoking and drinking!!

6.The messages should be from kids who did smoke or did do drugs or alcohol because teens will listen to them better than a doctor or parent.

yes, i would make cigarettes illegal because cigarettes are harmful. They can cause you cancer: lung cancer..... They also have chemicals: paint, tar, tobacco, ect... You can pick.. Do you want to look cool? or... Do you want to be healthy and not do drugs? YOU CHOOSE...

Getting you friend to stop doing drugs.... You can tell them some of the chemicals in the drug... Some one I know smokes... I tell her to stop and she knows that she can get cancer... but, she is addicted. She wants to quit and she is trying but she can't. So you can just keep telling them. ITS THERE CHOICE IF THEY STOP OR NOT

Yes, i would make cigarettes illegal because there are many poisons that can be very harmful to your body. Cigarettes are not good for your health, and also cigarettes can kill you. There are also over 1000 different type of chemicals found in one ciggarette.Ciggarettes can also make people not wanna be around you anymore. Cigarettes also cause smelly breath and yellow teeth.

Question 2

Knowing that cigarettes are very bad for you, I would make it illegal. I would make it illegal because there are so many thing that are in cigarettes. I mean come on people make a better choice these things are bad for you, they have radio active thing in them.They cause cancer and stuff

Yes, i do consider it is cheating when athletes use steroids because that person could seriously hurt other people. If u get caught on steroids u would problably go to jail for a very long time and if your a athlete u could problably lose your career.

yes, i would make cigarettes illegal .And the punishment would be jail for 1 whole year. And the same with drugs,too. All it does is kill people.

Number one. You can convince your friends from using drugs by telling them it is bad for you, something might happen to you, hurt you, that the person don't like. And try to avoid using drugs.

Number two. I think cigarettes should be illegal except for stress. People can use it for stress to help them calm down more, but they shouldn't over do what the doctor tells them to take. People should only use cigarettes if the doctor tells you to smoke them.

Number three. Use the pills by taking the right amount of pills that the doctor gives you. You can ask your doctor if you are allergic to the pills. If you take more than what the doctor gives you, then you are using the drug the wrong way.

Yes, I think it should be illegal to smoke. It messes up peoples lungs and is no different as taking drugs. It does the same kind of damage and has similar after affects. You should get an huge fine or a small prison sentence for using cigarettes.

I think TV is the best way to get out the message of saying no to drugs. I would have a celebrity or TV star endorse the add. They should have taken drugs sometime in their life and tell the kids what consequences it had on their lives.

Yes, I think it is considered cheating for athletes to use steriods. Very few use them and the handful of people that do are using them to play, and perform better.

what im i supposed to do

I think if a athlete uses steroids is cheating because all the other athletes worked for the strengths and things also he would probably get caught and go to Juvee if he is under 18 or if he was older than 18 he would go to jail.

I wouldn't make cigarettes illegal because they're still going to get sold just like any other illegal drug that's why I wouldn't make cigarettes illegal!

Number Five .The best way to send messages to teens is to do commericals ads other things. I think this would really help them because in the commericals they can tell you what is inside a drug or even a medication.

Question 2. I would make ciggrettes illegal. I would do this beause is has so many bad things inside a Ciggrette like no joke. Like who would wanna be standing around smoking a Ciggrette like really. Ciggrettes can give you cancer, High Blood Pressure and even more things. When Kids smoke they think they are all cool because they can do it. When you really smoke alot of times it is really hard to stop thinking to keep doing it. Smoking is some peoples choice and not smoking is some peoples choice it is now time for you to choose yours would you smoke Or not smoke?

2.) i would try to make smoking illegal if i could. teachers, parents, peers and more always stress not to smoke. but, because cigarettes are so easily available, it is too easy to get your hands on a tobacco product. if cigarettes are slowly reduced little by little maybe there is a chance for people to stop smoking. but the problem is, so many people smoke and are addicted that they will try to illegally use tobacco like other illegal drugs. hopefully one day cigarettes will be illegal.

6.) the messages should be from addicts who are now clean. it is always interesting to hear their story, but it gives you a choice: have a hard life like they did or live a normal and healthy life style.

NUMBER:2 Knowing that the government is "trying" to make cigarettes more expensive I would definitely make them illegal in a flash! there are over 4000 poisons in just one cigarette! I mean who wouldn't stop knowing that! My health teacher has taught me more than enough not to smoke. She has showed us a health lung and a bad one. And believe me its not pretty. she's showed us outcomes of chewing tobacco such as mouth or throat cancer. its O.K to have a cigar for a certain celebrations, but to have a cigarette constantly is just plain bad, bad, bad, bad!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes I would make cigarettes illegal if I could. I think this because everybody would be healthy and not suffer. Also they would all live a full average healthy life.

Yes, I would make cigarettes illegal so that no one would suffer and die. You could save lives if no one smokes and plus the world would be a better place without people smoking because second hand smoke can make people sick and die, too.

Yes i think it is cheating if athletes use steroids because it is unfair and illegal to do. And most importantly it is unhealthy if you take too many doses. Including if someone caught you, you would be put in jail.

I think that using steroids to improve an athelete's performance is wrong. They did not put all of that hard work and effort that normal people have to do to become half that good. It is cheating, to the fullest. If people really wanted to be good in a sport, they shouldn't have to use drugs to improve it. Honestly, if they didn't work their hardest, or tried at all actually, and left all of the work to the drug, they shouldn't be allowed to play at all.

I think that social networks would be the best way to get this message out to teens. Some teens sit on their butt all day and go on facebook or twitter all day on their computer or cell phone. They would be seen by not only teens but parents too, and they could stress to their kid about all of the dangers of doing these things. Also, most of this stuff is shown in pictures, videos or even posts or statuses of different people on facebook and they could finally realize that what they are doing is wrong if they haven't noticed it already, and they might want to do something about it.

#6- i think that the best way to get the message out to teens is definatly social media and tv. i think it would be the best idea, because for social media, a bunch of people(like millions) have either a facebook, myspace, or twitter. i also think that it would be a good idea to get the messages out to teens by tv because again, a lot of people watch tv everyday, they should just make a bunch of ads on popular tv channels that teens watch like cartoon network, adult swim, disney, nick, and others.

#2- i would so make cigarettes illigal because, well i would have a number of reasons. like, for starters, they are really bad for you and your health. second, i would say that if people ban cigarettess, they still waste all their money to do what they can to get the kick from nictotine. 3rd': people still have that acsess to those electronic cigars. so yes, i wouls so definatly ban them i i could

I think that using steroids is completly wrong. I think this because when someone uses steriods they enhance your performence levels. So people who use steroids can beat anyone who is not using them easily. I say if your not working your hardest you dont deserve to win. So no i think athletes should not be able to use steriods any time in their career.

Number 1.) you could tell your friend about the negatives and causes for doing the drugs. And if rhe user is over dossing you can tell them you wont be there friend any more.

Number 2.) i would deffinitley make ciggarettes illegal if i could because so many people are getting cancer and dieing each year because of the tar and thousands of chemicals within the ciggarettes.

5. The best way to get the message out to teens is through social networks. If they used TV ads, then the teens would think it was made up with paid people to talk. If the made websites, most of the teens wouldn't even look there. They would just ignore it. However, if you send the message through social networks, you will definitely see results. They can't avoid it. They would see it repeatedly. Eventually, they would have to face the facts and try to at the very least stop it.

if they i a choice to make cigaretts illegal i would. i would make cigaretts illegal because you can die from them. a sencond thing is that if you smoke a lot a lot of tar will fill up in your lungs . another, reason i would make cigaretts illegal is there are a lot of other bad things things in there like nail polish remover.

2-i would make them illigal because my aunt and uncle are trying to quite but they keep on going back to them. also because my uncle died from lung cancer. :(

6- the people giving the message should be famous people, people have seen the danger of drugs, and other role modles.

i think using steroids to improve an athelet's performance is wrong. i thing it is wrong because first of it is cheating and sencond of all it can kill you.also it is wrong because if you think you are good and you want to get better at that sport then all you have to do is practice and you will get better. the last reson i think steriods is wrong is that if you get caught in the MLB you get suspended .

#2 Yes, I would make cigarettes illegal if I could. these are very harmful and extremely addictive to people. I know it generates money for the gov but there just discusting.

5: I beleve that the best way to get out to teens is tv ads because one momment the sene is boring, the next there is a inground pool in the back yard in the bud light commercails.

6: I think these messages should be from adults that dont bean to heart children, but they do

2.) I do believe that smoking should be illegal. Although many people would be upset because they are addicted to the drug, nicotine, the United States government shall offer an alternative that would help addicted citizens stop. Also, this limits the availablity of drugs to teens. Less people will get addicted and soon, the drug will be wiped off of the United States market.

4.) I believe that drugs that enhance physical abilities, such as steroids, shall be illegal because they are unfair. The extra ability wasn't due to the players hard-work and practice, they "artificially" enhanced their performance. These should be illegal in all sports and anyone caught using them should be punished. In every sport, in or out of the school community, minor should be subjected to drug screening and if they are caught once with drugs, they should be banned from the league until they go through rehab and are thoroughly examined by a doctor. This will greatly reduce the use of artificial enhancements.

1.) I feel that there are many ways that you can explain to your friend that doing drugs has horrific consequences. Just for an initial shock, you can show them the ingredient list in cigarettes and compare that to certain drugs that they might do that are even worse. Also, you can show them and teach them about all of the cancers that can result from prolonged exposure to cigarettes.

5.) I also agree with many pupils above that social networking webpages are a great way to get the word out about drug and alcohol awareness. I believe that this is a great idea because I would estimate about 80% of students that are middle school aged have social networking accounts. One person can write a theory or idea and usually over 1,000 friends on these websites will be able to see them. With one idea, you are touching the lives of 1,000 different people and this can greatly raise the awareness of these controlled substances.

I would make cigarettes illegal because they can cause cancer and if the cancer is severe, it can cause death. Making cigarettes illegal would prevent alot of deaths, illnesses and damage to the body. Also because, a lot of teens and young adults pressure people to try cigarettes if they were illegal, there would be alot less bullying and peer pressure.

The message to get to teens about not smoking should come from teens. people relate more to what they know and if they know there are people their age not smoking, they are more convinced that not everyone is smoking. they are more likely to avoid substances and cigarettes if they know not many people are in fact using substances or cigarettes.

I think that social networks would be the best way to get the message out to teens. It's easy to say that these are used everyday, by millions of teens, and adults, even children. Putting something as simple, as but a small ad on some networks like Facebook, Twitter, or IM, will get the message out. With all those teens searching the web and the sites, teens are bound to realize the ads put on there. If multiple ads were to be put out on these, and many other sites, the message would most certainly get out.

2. I would make cigarettes illegel if I could. There are many poisins in cigarettes that lead to many kinds of cancer. If cigarettes could kill people this easily, why would people do it in the first place? It takes only 10 seconds forn nicotine to reach the brain after one puff of smoke. If the government makes cigarettes illegal, many people would'nt be able to buy cigarettes at stores anymore. Please ban cigrettes from the U.S.A.

The message should be from teens. Defiantly teens. Teens that have used drugs before, but are now recovering. They know what their talking about, and they'd be the best people to convince others to never start. When teens hear from other teens, their ideas about drugs change. When teens who may be thinking about drugs, hear from recovering teens, their minds, and thoughts about their possible choice, will be different. Get the message out! People will change, if they hear it from kids just like them.

2)If i could make cigarettes illegal i would so do it. Firsts of all, its not good for you. Second, it doesnt make you cool or anything it kills you...so you should not do it. Third, it could lead to death. Fourth, its addicting. Finally, it could cause second hand smoke. As you can see, if i could make cigarettes illegal, i would so do it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

4) When athletes use steroids to improve their performance, i think its not fair. it makes them better than the should be. thats CHEATING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! they should either, get fined, go to jail, or even not play in there game until they are aloud to. as you can see, when athletes use steroids its not right or fair to do it.


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