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Four Reasons Not To Smoke

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Sara Bellum

Have you noticed that a lot of restaurants don't have indoor smoking sections anymore? More and more cities, counties, and entire states are banning indoor smoking. People everywhere are getting the message: smoking causes disease and death. In fact, it's the number one preventable cause of death in this country. NIDA scientists have shown how incredibly addictive smoking is, especially when people start in their teens.

So protect your health and avoid the hassle—don't start. It's a no-brainer.

If you need more reasons not to smoke besides smelly clothes and yellow teeth, here you go:

  1. Your wallet. How can you afford that new video game if you're burning cash on cigarettes?
  2. Your athletic ability. Smokers run slower and can't run as far, like being old before you're old.
  3. Your state of mind. It takes just 8 seconds for nicotine from cigarettes to reach your brain and change the way it works. Although scientists aren't totally sure why yet, one study found that teens who smoke a lot are 15 times more likely to have panic attacks than teens who don't smoke. Teen smokers also are more likely to have anxiety disorders and depression.
  4. Your future. Quitting smoking is hard. But the health consequences are even harder to deal with.

If you or any of your friends smoke, know help is out there.  For free quitting support, call 1–800–QUIT–NOW (1–800–784–8669).

Want to learn more? Take our quiz on why cigarette smoking is dangerous.

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i did too
Smoking is BAD BAD BAD i agree with ALL of you :)
Me too
thats bad

I agree with you, I used to be a chain smoker. I had withdrawal symptoms and had a hard time quitting, but I have overcome smoking once and for all! I did it for my kids. Aside from this, I noticed that smoking has aggravated my panic attacks. I am glad I have taken control of my health and my life again. thanks for sharing this article :-)


I love this topic my dadsmokes and I don't even know how longI've been trying to get him to quit he tryed once but it only lasted about a week and I'm still trying to get him to stop so I hope his does one day if your reading this and you smoke please stop you will thank yourself later in life if you do.

My mom smoked 80 a day and died early. All of us children decided not to smoke because of what happened to her so she did us a favour really.

holy cow that is terrible

All the reason you sugget, plus smoking is terrible for the breath. It is like kissing an ash tray. Great blog.

nice points..simple yet striking.


Quit four days ago, going strong. Thanks for the tips though.

I must voice my gratitude for your kind-heartedness giving support to folks who need assistance with your area. Your special commitment to passing the solution all around turned out to be exceptionally good and has regularly encouraged workers just like me to realize their targets. Your new useful suggestions can mean a great deal to me and even further to my colleagues. Thank you; from each one of us.

Quitting smoking is hard. But the health consequences are even harder to deal with, so quitting right now is the best choice.

we should not be smoking even thought we are only 11/,11,and9.

It saddens me when I see young people start such a horrible habit. As someone who works with people who struggle with anxiety and panic disorder it didn't surprise me when I read

"teens who smoke a lot are 15 times more likely to have panic attacks than teens who don’t smoke. Teen smokers also are more likely to have anxiety disorders and depression."

That in itself should be enough to discourage teens from smoking. If only they knew how hard it is to live with anxiety and panic.

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Yay. good thinkin'

Thx u saved my uncle

Acknowledge gratitude you for your blog article. Really Great.

Thank you for your blog article. Really Great.

they don't add the good parts ever
They do not
Do not smoke
Is or is not smoking iligil
smoking KILLS
People should not smoking
you should not smoke because you could get cancer
i looked here for an esay about tobaco XD
Here's the best non-health reason not to start smoking. Once you are addicted you get these nagging cravings for a cigarette at the most inappropriate times. You can't smoke in the workplace, and it's very hard to concentrate on what you're doing while you're dying for a cigarette. Employers are staring to recognize this and one has told me that even though in hiring he's not supposed to discriminate against smokers, that he secretly does anyway, because he knows that smoking cuts down on an employee's productivity.
Don't smoke! No one on my mom or dads side smokes! I hate the smell!
you all need to work on your spelling and obviously smoking is bad not rocket science
I love this blog
this will help me on my homework
Please do not smoke my friends. I nearly lost my life because of it. The really sad thing is I could murder a cigarette. I chew nicotine chewing gum & strawberry extra gum. Still have the craving but it is getting lesser. You have to be strong. Jo, Hornchurch, England. X
Smokin aint good it can kil u
nice meme
Smoking can give you 10 types of cancer
Smoking kills the literal you inside you.
My grandma smoked for 25 to 30 years and moves better than every other old person I know other than the woman her husband divorced her for who is ten to twenty years younger than him. My dad has worked 60 hours a week the past 12 years my mother has lupus and I have been trying to get my bachelors degree for 6 years for reasons that I feel are unjust. My dad won't be around if I have kids as long as my grandparents have been around because of me and my mother probably won't live as long as everyone because of her lupus. I don't see these reasons as valid.
I don't smoke by the way. Doesn't change the fact of my outcome
Its really really bad for you
this is amazing
good blog
Cigarette smoking is more than a habit. It quickly takes over your life. An endless pain suffering cycle. I am glad I quit. It took several attempts. Do not ever start. You will regret it.
Quitting smoking habits can reduce your risk of health issues. The earlier you quit, the better the advantage.


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