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Four Reasons Not To Smoke

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Sara Bellum

Have you noticed that a lot of restaurants don't have indoor smoking sections anymore? More and more cities, counties, and entire states are banning indoor smoking. People everywhere are getting the message: smoking causes disease and death. In fact, it's the number one preventable cause of death in this country. NIDA scientists have shown how incredibly addictive smoking is, especially when people start in their teens.

So protect your health and avoid the hassle—don't start. It's a no-brainer.

If you need more reasons not to smoke besides smelly clothes and yellow teeth, here you go:

  1. Your wallet. How can you afford that new video game if you're burning cash on cigarettes?
  2. Your athletic ability. Smokers run slower and can't run as far, like being old before you're old.
  3. Your state of mind. It takes just 8 seconds for nicotine from cigarettes to reach your brain and change the way it works. Although scientists aren't totally sure why yet, one study found that teens who smoke a lot are 15 times more likely to have panic attacks than teens who don't smoke. Teen smokers also are more likely to have anxiety disorders and depression.
  4. Your future. Quitting smoking is hard. But the health consequences are even harder to deal with.

If you or any of your friends smoke, know help is out there.  For free quitting support, call 1–800–QUIT–NOW (1–800–784–8669).

Want to learn more? Take our quiz on why cigarette smoking is dangerous.

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wow, great blog

this sucks
good for you
i told my mom and dad to stop and now i need them to stop
me too i tell them they just don't lisen to me at all!
totardely argree to this site
smoking bad for you because you can get lung cancer!
Dont smoke so i can be more like the people who come on those lame commercials.....please give me a carton of cigs asap!!!!
why it is bad for you
It takes away 7 minutes of your life
I think way more than 7 minutes
because you can get cancer
Coz it's bad
Because of the first reason that has been said. HAHA
cuase u can die
this is good stufff
no it kills you
you rights you
i agree
Such a cool site
How is this happening I'm dying help help

We're sorry to hear about your struggles and appreciate you reaching out to us. As a federal scientific research agency, we are unable to provide medical advice, so please contact a doctor if you have concerns. You can get information about drug abuse treatment programs at If you aren't sure what to do or just want to talk to someone, you can contact the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at

call 1-800-QUIT-NOW if you is
idk if this is serious but I hope you do not die!
same i totally argee that smoking sucks

smoking is an addiction...
reasons why not tosmoke:
1)its one less thing for you to carry around
2)save money
3)you will be a good role modle
4)have better job oppertunities
5)wont have to worry about bad breath,.....
6)if you smoke you'll probably get married to a smoker because non-smokers tend to avoid smokers
7)you wont have to worry about people not wanting to be around you becasue they dont like the smell
8)you wont be able to quite and it will casue many health issues

sike I don't believe this

i think smoking is terrible and those are some pretty good examples. I found a page with 3000 reasons yes 3000. if someone can give that many reasons no one should be smoking.

Were did u find the 300 reasons?
Why smoke then
sometimes it doesnt matter how many consequences there are . in fact when im feeling low i would smoke a cig whether my lung grew an eyeball or not . any when people are depressed and threw with there unfair life . why say no to somthing that makes your happy . im not saying smoking is good for you . its terrible for you . but i am telling you that you have to look at it in a different perspective

Death. how about that for a good reason. Millions of people worldwide DIE every year because they inhale tobacco. That is like filling up Wrigley Field about 50 times, and then killing all those people.

It is said that if smoking did to the OUTSIDE of your body what it does to the inside, there would be almost no smokers. Partly because we all would actually get a clue as a society and make it illegal!

don't you care about kids and pets

i watched a movie on smoking, and it was horrible.
it gave me nightmares.
i think that smoking should be banned from existence.


I think you summed up succinctly some basics that hit home with everyone. It always depressed me going through drug education classes like Drug Abuse Resistance Education in elementary and middle school, and watching the whole class nod along, only to find, a couple of years later, that many of my classmates had taken up smoking themselves. I think that, as incredibly influential as programs like D.A.R.E. can be for younger children, reminders of the basic reasons not to smoke when teens are a little bit older can be just as effective. I do see some positive trends happening, like the prohibitions against smoking in restaurants and cities mentioned in the article. As a college student now, I find that more and more of peers are aware of the health risks, and are trying to quit, and certainly aren't starting to smoke. Initiatives designed to help younger smokers quit, are really helpful. What a great post, thanks for starting a good conversation, one I think that needs to happen more often among teenagers.


Great Blog, and a great topic.

I have actually found that there is no one best way to quit smoking. If you look at sites such as [removed commercial site link, per guidelines], you will find that they promote a number of the best approaches, along with the pro's and con's of each. Best advice is to look at each, find something which works best for you and your circumstances, and then just stick with it till you are successful.


andrew your right. the way i quit is over summer i just stoped. of cours this was hard with the withdrawls (srry if did not spell right) but i greatly in proved on my sports

your right i may be 11 but I know way more than the average teen about smokeing I totally lookall kinds of things about it i even wrote my sixth grade speech about it

Im 13 years old i i am glad that you have learned so much about smoking and you need to stick to your guns girly thats a good way to put it and just think: will this change my future? if the answer to that is yes.. DONT DO IT..... continue to have the determination and pride to resist smoking :)

your right i may be 11 but I know way more than the average teen about smokeing I totally look up all kinds of things about it i even wrote my sixth grade speech about it

yeah just because your 11 don't worry about what they say.
ya smoking is bad i am doing a project on it and ya thanks for stop smoking guys thanx