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Drugs and Violence Go Hand-in-Hand

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Sara Bellum

Mean Girls…or Violent Girls? A recent national survey (the National Survey on Drug Use and Health) found that more than one-quarter (26.7%) of girls age 12 to 17 reported engaging in some kind of violent behavior in the last year. Whaaat? There’s more…in this age group:

  • 18.6% got into a serious fight at school or work in the past 12 months.
  • 14.1% participated in a group-against-group fight.
  • 5.7% attacked others with the intent to hurt them seriously.

So what does this have to do with drugs? The study also found that violence and drug use are linked: girls who engaged in violent behaviors were two to three times more likely to have binged on alcohol or used marijuana or other illicit drugs in the past month. Girls engaging in violent behavior were also more likely to report missing school and getting bad grades. To read more about the study, visit SAMHSA News.

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Thanks for info

Wait, so based on what u said.... People who do drugs are more apt to have violence in their lives?? Whaaaat?

@persons Well, to be specific, the blog is reporting on this finding from the National Survey on Drug Use and Health. Here’s more detail:

Adolescent females who engaged in violent behaviors in the past year were more likely than those who did not to indicate past-month binge alcohol use (15.1 versus 6.9 percent), marijuana use (11.4 versus 4.1 percent), and use of illicit drugs other than marijuana (9.2 versus 3.2 percent).

oh wouldn't want the little girls engaging in violence because they used something that calmed them.. wait

People who are addicted to drugs are more violent than people are not.
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