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Drugs and HIV/AIDS: Linked in More Ways Than One

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The NIDA Blog Team

On World AIDS Day, NIDA for Teens is offering an updated fact sheet on HIV/AIDS. Take a look at it, and see how much you know about how HIV/AIDS and other viral infections are sometimes linked to drug use—some of the information may surprise you.

Many people think the only connection between drugs and HIV/AIDS is through sharing needles used for drugs. But there’s another link between them.

Did you know that drugs can change the way your brain works, disrupting the parts of the brain that you use to weigh risks and benefits when you make decisions? That can affect your judgment and lead to bad decisions, like unsafe sex.

To learn more, check out NIDA’s “Learn the Link” campaign in English or Spanish.

Learn more: Why teens are more likely to take risks than people in other age groups.

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