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Drugged Driving—A New Twist on a Deadly Decision

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The NIDA Blog Team

Most people know that drinking and driving is incredibly dangerous. Its reputation as a major risk has been cemented through the preventable deaths of thousands of people and years of education and awareness efforts.

But it turns out—drugged driving is a major problem too. A recent study found that more high school seniors and college students that drove impaired or with an impaired driver were under the influence of marijuana, not alcohol.

The study also found that drugged drivers are more likely to have car accidents and traffic tickets or warnings. But it’s not just dents to your car or points on your license—for some people, drugged driving is how they die.

This new NIDA Infographic breaks it all down. 

Tell us what you think: Do the numbers convince you not to drive with someone that’s high?Drugged Driving Inforgraphic

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The mere presents of a drug metabolite or the drug its' self alone is not indicative of impaired driving. How did the researchers determine the level of impairment? How many "drugged drivers" held prescriptions for the drug tested positive. There is too much implied assumptions with most of these statistics. I believe distracted drivers pose the greatest threat to safety on our highways.

It's true, distracting driving is a huge safety threat.  That said, having a prescription doesn't necessarily excuse someone from driving while impaired.  Many prescription drugs come with explicit warnings to not drive or operate heavy machinery while taking that medicine.  

Drugs are bad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I think that if you are doing this that you need to stop. Its bad for you and if you think its fun its not
It's dangerous it should not be tried
You shouldn't do drugs, kids.
I agree with this completely! Doing drugs impairs your thinking skills and motor skills just as badly as any alcohol can. Your brain is damaged by these things and can't function properly! It's like trying to drive after being spun around a hundred times. It's just not smart!
If it is so dangerous to drive while drugged up, why would you even do it?
Drug addicted is the big problem in our world. Its affected by student younger public and some other...
So dangerous.....can ruin your life
You can speak till your blue in the face, and it really ;doesn't matter much. People are going to do what people want to do. Drugs Kill.
It's not as such big deal, but deal is that we need to educate everyone about the hazardous impact after having these substances in order to avoid such accidents.
this blog really did make me realize how dangerous driving or riding under the influence of drugs is. I never thought to stop any of my friends or brother from driving me while high before until now i though of it as safer because i thought it made it easier to focus. My hope is that the amount of people who drive under the influence of drugs will go down year by year and that more people become aware of how bad of a problem it really is
this is a really great article!!
Who needs drugs when you have peanut butter????