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Driven a Whale Lately?

The NIDA Blog Team

What could beluga whales—which can grow up to 37 feet long—and cars possibly have in common? Give up? They weigh approximately the same amount.

Two teens made this surprising comparison in a video for a competition called TeenDrive365, and won the first place prize of $15,000!

TeenDrive365 is a video contest that asks teens throughout the United States to submit videos that could cause other teens to think twice about making bad decisions behind the wheel—decisions like distracted driving (driving while texting, posting grams or snaps, etc.). The winning video gets professionally made into a public service announcement that’s shown on TV. How cool is that?

Check out this year’s winning video:

If you were riding a whale, you’d definitely pay attention to your surroundings. As the young filmmakers put it: “You have a lot of responsibility driving something that big.”

Yet every year, enough teens die in car crashes to fill 50 school buses. These crashes result from teen drivers being new to driving, driving with one or more friends in the car, using alcohol and drugs, night driving, and distracted driving.

Visit TeenDrive365 to see the video winners and runners-up from this year and previous years. (The link to these videos is on the right side of the TeenDrive365 page, under “Learn more.”)

What do you think of the comparison between cars and beluga whales? Will it—or any of the other videos on the TeenDrive365 site—help you focus on being a better driver?

Can you help prevent drugged driving? Find out here.

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No i have not driven a whale lately.... why would anyone after jonah tried to.... i also think that driving a whale would hurt it but u said u wanted to save the whales... so im a bit confused

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