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A Day at the Movies: The Harmful Effects of Marijuana

Sara Bellum

Hollywood is exciting, glamorous, dramatic, funny, and can make just about anything seem cool—including drug abuse, and especially the use of marijuana. But films don’t tell you the whole story. Did you know there are over 400 different chemicals in marijuana smoke? Did you know that marijuana smoke really does hurt your memory, judgment, and perception? And yes—you can get addicted to marijuana!

In this video, NIDA scientist Dr. Joe Frascella explains why marijuana is not all its “glammed” up to be. Dr. Frascella runs the division of NIDA that deals with clinical neuroscience, human development, and behavioral treatment for drug abuse and addiction. Watch the video and then tell us in comments which movies you think glamorize the use of marijuana.

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I've heard that marijuana can cause schizophrenia. Is this true?

Yes it can—IF you also have a specific vulnerability to the disease (like a genetic tendency). In that case, marijuana can increase the risk of schizophrenia, speed up its start, and make its symptoms worse. Also, high doses of marijuana can temporarily cause symptoms that look like schizophrenia (paranoia for example), but that usually fixes itself when the drug wears off.

yes,it can also cause dopamine,and it can hurt your memory,judgement and perception

Yes it is true. [commercial link removed, per guidelines]

Can it kill you? Because i have heard that but i do not know if it is true....

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