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Colorado Uses Humor To Highlight Drugged Driving Laws

The NIDA Blog Team

In states like Colorado where marijuana is legal for adults, some people may think that gives them a license to be high all the time. But they would be wrong. Just because the law allows adults the option to use marijuana, it does not mean that it is always legal for them to be high.

To break it down, in Colorado:

  • Marijuana Is Legal for Adults


  • Driving Is Legal for People With a License


  • Marijuana + Driving is Not Legal

And this is for a good reason.

Marijuana affects areas of the brain that control the body’s movements, balance, coordination, memory, and judgment—all things critical to your driving skills.

As our post from September 10th highlighted, the danger of drugged driving is real—and growing. A recent study found that marijuana contributed to 12% of traffic deaths in 2010 (that is 3 times more than in 1999, when it was 4%).

To help spread the word, Colorado’s Department of Transportation is trying a fresh approach with a new series of ads.

Check them out, and then tell us in comments: Do you think these ads will make people “get” that driving while high is illegal—and also just a really bad idea?



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