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Cocaine and the Teen Brain

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Sara Bellum

The human brain continues to grow during the teen years, well into the twenties. It’s a scientific fact that abusing drugs and alcohol while your brain is still developing can change the brain’s structure and how it works—both in the short and long term.

Yale University scientists recently explored how some of these changes occur when the brain is exposed to the stimulant cocaine—and learned that some changes result from the brain trying to protect itself.

Your Brain’s Self-Defense

When exposed to cocaine for the first time, the teen brain tries to defend itself against the harmful drug by changing the shape of the brain cells (or neurons) and synapses. This defensive reaction is controlled by a certain pathway in the brain involving integrin beta1, a crucial gene in the development of the nervous system in humans and most animals.

The scientists discovered that if they blocked the pathway—and prevented this cell-shape change—the mice became three times more sensitive to the effects of cocaine.

This research may explain why some people who use cocaine end up addicted to the drug while others escape its worst effects. Everyone’s genetic makeup is unique. It’s possible that those with strong integrin beta1 pathways are better able to avoid the dangerous effects of the drug. More research is needed to discover which genes can protect the brain from the effects of cocaine and other drugs.

Good News: Cocaine Use Is Down

The number of teens using cocaine has been steadily declining over the past decade. In fact, use among all age groups is down.

Update: More teens continue to make smart choices about cocaine use. Read about this and other positive trends in youth substance use.

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I've never been peer pressured into drugs my entire life
ivw done cocaine at 15 and really **** up my brain. is there any way for it to recover. im afraid it might eventually kill me.

It’s very brave of you to reach out for help. We strongly recommend you talk to a health professional like a doctor or counselor, or an adult you trust. You can also call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 800-273-8255. This free, confidential helpline is open 24/7/365, and trained professionals can give you advice for all kinds of tough situations, not just suicide.

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what are legal consequences for cocaine?

Using cocaine is against the law in the United States, and the consequences of using cocaine go far beyond legal worries. Cocaine changes the way your brain works, for starters. For more information, check out the Drug Facts page on cocaine:

How do scientists find out that someone’s brain has tried to fight off the affects of cocaine. When does the brain know when to start fighting off the cocaine.

These are very insightful questions! If you’d like to learn about the effects of cocaine on the brain, please visit our drug facts page at You can also find more detailed scientific information here:

what happens if you eat cocaine

Cocaine is classified as a stimulant-type drug of abuse. Ingesting (i.e., eating) cocaine will produce effects that are similar to those produced when the drug is snorted or injected. The effects include increased energy, enhanced mood, and decreased appetite. Importantly, cocaine can also cause blood vessels to narrow, constricting blood flow, which forces the heart to work harder to pump blood through the body. The heart might work so hard that it stops. This is why people can die suddenly from a heart attack after using cocaine. With repeated use, cocaine can cause addiction.

Most kids I think do this because they think they’re cool doing it and peer pressure. How can people sau that teen don’t know what cocaine can do to you when they know it’s harmful so they shouldn’t even be doing it in the first place