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Ask the Experts: Today Is Drug Facts Chat Day

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Sara Bellum

Today is NIDA’s fifth annual Drug Facts Chat Day. Students and teachers in classrooms across the United States have the unique opportunity to submit questions to the Nation's top experts in the field of drug abuse and addiction. As part of this second annual National Drug Facts Week, today’s chat will help shatter the myths about drugs and drug abuse. NIDA’s experts will answer as many questions as they can. During the 2010 Chat Day, they answered more than 1,500 questions—including questions about the consequences of drug use, prescription drug abuse, and specific drugs such as marijuana, cocaine, and inhalants. Anyone can watch the 2011 live chat beginning today at 8 a.m. EST. However, only schools that have completed advanced registration and received an access code may submit questions. If your school isn’t registered and you want to ask a question anonymously, ask it below in the comments (just make sure to create a username that doesn’t identify you), and we may select it for future blog posts for SBB’s “Real Teens Ask” category.

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Does marijuana kill brain cells?

the consequences of drug use is very Terrible!so,We should learn the proper use of drugs.
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What Are the long-Term Effects of Marijuana Use?
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@Productos Quimicos Great question - Long term effects may include:
· Addiction
· Poorer educational outcomes and job performance, diminished life satisfaction
· Respiratory problems—chronic cough, bronchitis
· Risk of psychosis in vulnerable individuals
· Cognitive impairment persisting beyond the time of intoxication
Check out this brochure on the NIDA for teens website:

@puncharoo Excellent question! The short answer is: we don’t know. Scientists have learned a great deal about how marijuana acts in the brain to produce its many effects by stimulating brain cells to release the chemical dopamine. But, our understanding of marijuana's long-term brain effects is limited -- research has produced inconsistent results. It may be that the effects are too subtle for current techniques. It’s a question that researchers continue to study. More information can be found at

Hi there, I have not been high off of marijuana in over a year, however i have taken a puff 4 months ago an a puff on halloween due to peer pressure. Those puffs i never even felt, so my question is if those small hits would show up/be enough thc to fail me in a hair follicle test?

How long marijuana remains in your system depends on how often or how much marijuana you have been smoking. So a couple of puffs months ago will likely not show up.

can weed kill you

any drug can kill you if you take to much of it.
It depends on how your using it

How many minutes do you lose smoking one cigarette? Could you tell me everything about drugs alcohol and smoking?

@Bonnie In one frequently cited article, researchers calculated that the average person loses 11 minutes per cigarette smoked. (But how many of us are “average”?!) As for your second question, visit

How long does two puffs stay in your system

@NIDAminds It depends on many factors – it can stay a long time in frequent and heavy smokers, but 2 puffs will not stay nearly as long.

I been off marijuana since about a year and in the past 3 months I had a couple of puffs not much I smoked it probably 6-7 times but only smoked 1 or 2 pipes each time I havent smoked it in the last month will I fail a hair follicle test

Hi Michelle.  Unfortunately, we can't answer that question for you.  There are too many unknown factors and everyone reacts differently to marijuana.  Your best bet for passing a drug test is to stay 100% clean.  Good luck.

I ate half a brownie 25 days ago. Do you think it's out of my system already?

Hi Anonymous,  We can't answer that for you.  Everyone is different.  If you're concerned about passing a drug test, it's best to just avoid marijuana altogether.

So my best friend used meth for 18 years and a year and a half ago quick cold turkey and has been clean since, but lately I've noticed her having "tweaker jaw" I'm wondering if this could be a symptom of using again

Addiction is a very powerful disease, and it is not uncommon for someone to relapse even after being off drugs for a long time. And meth is a drug that ravages the brain and the body, and someone who has used it heavily can have symptoms of use long after they’ve quit. It’s not impossible that your friend is just going through physical symptoms without using drugs. And it’s also possible that she is using. As her best friend for 18 years, you know what she looks and acts like when she is using meth. If you are getting worried, treatment is the best way for her to safely get off the drugs and get the tools to stay off of them. Check out this link for resources on getting help: