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Apply for NIDA's 2013‒2014 Teen Advisory Group!

Sara Bellum

Attention: NIDA is accepting applications for the 2013‒2014 Teen Advisory Group!


Teens in grades 8‒11 are encouraged to join NIDA's Teen Advisory Group (TAG). TAG members share their thoughts and feedback about NIDA for Teens materials, the program’s Web site, and other components. Since 2009, the TAG has been critically important in helping NIDA reach teens with engaging information about drug abuse and addiction.

Application Details

  • Who: All teens in grades 8‒11 are welcome to apply.
  • What: The TAG will meet online for 1 hour, four to six times during 1 year. TAG members receive a $25 stipend for each discussion in which they participate.
  • Where: Discussions will be held in the evening via webinar and conference call.
  • When: The TAG will start in September 2013 and end in August 2014.
  • How: Email NIDATAG@iqsolutions.com to request an application. Applications are due June 30, 2013.
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