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Alcohol Dangers Go Beyond Drunk Driving

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Sara Bellum

You’ve probably heard how deadly it is to drink and drive—or to get in the car with someone else who has been drinking. But the dangers of alcohol go beyond drunk driving. Did you know that of all alcohol-related teen deaths, only about one-third of those are traffic related?

Alcohol poisoning and suicide are also major causes of alcohol-related teen deaths (9% and 15%, respectively), but an even bigger cause may surprise you. A third of teen drinkers who die alcohol-related deaths are victims of homicide.

Why the connection between murder and alcohol? Under the influence, people do lots of things they wouldn’t normally do. That includes acting on emotional impulses like rage, jealousy, or sadness.

And people who have been drinking find themselves in situations they would normally avoid, like an argument with a classmate, boyfriend, or girlfriend. For instance, the FBI estimates that over 1,400 homicides in the U.S. from 2000 to 2010 resulted from a “brawl due to influence of alcohol.” 

Alcohol clouds a person’s judgment and decision-making skills. When that happens, it’s often impossible to predict the consequences.

Tell us in comments: Do these stats surprise you? If your parents talked to you about the dangers of drinking and driving, did they also mention the other dangers of alcohol? Share with us your tips to help your fellow teens avoid drinking alcohol!

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this is good advice.
No these stats do not surprise me, many kids do drugs or drink just in my middle school. Its becoming not unusual or unheard of.
did you get it and i think people do it for fun i don"t like it
WOW!! The stats are very shocking and sad. My parents dont talk about the dangers of alcohol to much, i think because they didnt know how dangerouse it really is. The best tip I can give is dont drink under age, you never know what could happen if you do.
Well, your parents should tell you because of how dangerous it is!!
i agree 100%
I don't even see why people even do drugs or alcohol yeah it gives you a moment of peace but what about after it is over ??? It makes your mind go crazy!! And you do stuff you normally wouldn't. I chose to be DRUG and ALCOHOL Free With all CAPS!!!
your so right!
amen sister
These stats really suprised me! I should have known though, i know of people in my own school thay do drugs. It suprises me because we're so young!
These stats really suprised me! I should have known though, i know of people in my own school thay do drugs. It suprises me because we're so young!
yeah! This sight is awesome I would have never thought it could do that!
i'm so tired of people drinking i lost so many people in my family and friends thorugh out states country's i just hope nobody looses as many people as i did which even loosing one person in you life is loosing so much!
Im drug and alcohol free! This site is an amazing site for kids, I didn't even know some of the things that were on here you could do that to you.
I didn't think so many people have died by drunk driving. Thats so sad! I know some people that got in car accidents but not by drinkiing. Dont ever drink and drive!
this talks about how people drink under the influences of alcohol can kill some. there was 1400 death from 200 to 2010 which is a large amount of people. this also talks about a third of drinking teen die in a homicide.there was also talk that that alcohol clouds the judgement of a person and make things difficult. there was also in the blog that says that alcohol is the many reason for teen deaths. i found the blog to very information and helps ful. this was also very shocking to me and i througth it was sad that it happens like this.
alcohol tears a family apart if it becomes addictive
Driving Under the Influence or Driving While Intoxicated as it is labeled in some places, is considered a serious crime and is punished according the crime. Alcohol is one of the most widely consumed drugs
yes it is its sad how many ppl die each year
sad to the people that die from alcohol
im shocked.
Yes, I indeed drinking and driving is really dangerous for teens
im shocked about this im scared from drinking
I am really shocked
drinking and driving is so selfish