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Alcohol and Drugs Don't Mix

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Sara Bellum

A recent episode of the hit TV show “Glee” focused on the problem of underage drinking. Called “Blame It on the Alcohol,” the episode depicted glee club members narrowly avoiding school suspension for drinking on school grounds—never a smart idea! Not only is it illegal to drink before age 21, but drinking too much alcohol can impair brain function and motor skills and lead to addiction. Mixing alcohol with illicit or other drugs—even legal ones—greatly increases the dangers: Combining alcohol with another central nervous system depressant like Xanax or painkillers like Vicodin can slow your heartbeat and breathing and may lead to death. Mixing alcohol with stimulants like Adderall or club drugs like Ecstasy can cause heart problems, too, as well as strokes and convulsions. Cough and cold medicines that don’t need a prescription can mess you up if you abuse them or combine them with alcohol—once again, heart problems and trouble breathing. Play it safe and don’t mix alcohol with other drugs.

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This blog was very informational. But what made it so much better was the mention of my favorite show Glee. While saying that the use of alcohol to those underaged is dangerous, you also incorperated real life for teens...GLEE!!!!!!

Glee is a good show. The "Blame it on the Alcohol" episode was a good example of what could happen to you if you abused alcohol. GO GLEE!!!

this is good info i'll put it to heart


This blog was very informational.

It's helpful that mainstream shows like Glee are highlighting the perils of drug and alcohol abuse, parents and teachers need to do more though.
There is loads of useful information on [commercial link removed, per guidelines] on the signs to look out for in teenagers etc.

i used this on my drug and alcohol brochures and i think this gave great info about teenagers mixed with alcohol and what can happen, the consequences

The dangers of drugs that was combined should be known by the people. This information is very helpful.

Common side effects of Vicodin consumption are drowsiness, vomiting tendency, skin infections and rashes, constipation, allergy, reducing appetite, anxiety and breathing problems. Consumption of Vicodin for a long time or an overdose of the drug results in tolerance in the body towards the drug. This is not a good sign and if not treated by the doctor, it may lead to other serious dangers. The presence of Acetaminophen in Vicodin damages the liver of those who are dependent on the drug. Apart from that, it even slows down the performance of the central nervous system. Hydrocodone on the other hand, leads to a state of artificial ecstasy and reduces the activities of the brain thereby disrupting the user's day to day activities and thinking capabilities.

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its true my son takes drugs and he has gone to an over dose 7 times and now hes in the hospital , i have showed him this site and she swore that he would never take drugs again

First of all, if you're going to do drugs or alcohol, do not mix up the two. this combo can be deadlier than both of the two effects of each seperate one. They are already unhealthy. i pray for anybody who do drugs or alcohol or even both at the same time. :(

mixing other drugs into alcohol can be very dangerous and harmful. people under the age of 21 shouldnt even be drinking which makes the issue even worse. the episode of glee "blame it on the alcohol" was a perfect example of why teens shouldnt even think about drinking until the age of 21.

Again teens will do what they want. Stupidity it is, but how can a teen ever realize the negative aspects if you have the media celebrating it as a good thing. This such a corrupt world. Its bad enough how teens are obtaining such substances and drugs , but to know its getting worst worries me of my generation.

Many teens don't realize how dangerous it is to mix substances that are already harmful and unhealthy. anything could happen. your entire life could end at the blink of the eye because of drugs and alcohol. teenager and adults have to start thinking of the consequences before taking drugs or alcohol.

This would be very useful for those under aged to read because they truly do not understand the true repercussions of the situation.

i agree with what they said about the mixing of the different drugs and that it will only lead to death if you do too much of it

Teens should really consider not using narcotics and alcohol together. That is a very dangerous mixture that could to death and nobody wants that.

I think they should make more tv show about what alcohol does to you.Because it is alot of under age drinking.Next i think they should talk more about under age drinking in school

Doing drugs is a bad thing to do, but mixing them is just straight SUCIECIDE

i seen that episode it the truth 100%. But anyway drugs are something that can mess u up long term and mixing it with alcohol well do nothing but make the effect worst.

i seen that episode it the truth 100%. But anyway drugs are something that can mess u up long term and mixing it with alcohol well do nothing but make the effect worst.

not really good

this is good info never do jugs stop if u are

I got what you intend, appreciate it for posting .Woh I am thankful to find this website through google. "The test and use of a man's education is that he finds pleasure in the exercise of his mind." by Carl Barzun. [commercial link removed, per guidelines]

My beautiful first son, age 37, mixed Xanax with alcohol and ambien November 19th of 2012 and died in his sleep. He was in the medical field and i thought would have known the dangers of mixing them. He leaves hundreds of heartbroken family friends and co workers. As his 65 year old dad i've lost my son and one of my best friends and his young daughter lost a dad. DON'T KID YOURSELF. MIXING ALCOHOL WITH ANY NERVOUS SYSTEM DEPRESSANTS LIKE SLEEPING PILLS, PAINKILLERS OR XANAX CAN KILL YOU LIKE IT KILLED MY SON.
Don't break your families heart. Bad enough to do drugs or alcohol. NEVER EVER mix them. If this letter saves one life my son's legacy is richer. He died peacefully in his sleep but DIDN'T HAVE TO. Signed: broken hearted midwest dad

Combining alcohol with another central nervous system depressant like Xanax or painkillers like Vicodin can slow your heartbeat and breathing and may lead to death.
Alcohol can damage a fetus at any stage of pregnancy, but is most serious in the first few months. There is a risk of alcohol-related birth defects including growth deficiencies, facial abnormalities, and damage to the brain and nervous system.
My 20 year old son died from alcohol and cocaine intoxication. Most young adults are unaware of the dangers.