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10 Things You Can Learn About Marijuana on the Drugs & Health Blog

The NIDA Blog Team

Recently, the NIDA Blog Team brought the science of marijuana to life in a series of posts about the drug’s effects on your brain, perception, pets, driving, and more. Here are a few highlights!

1. Marijuana use interferes with attention, motivation, memory, and learning. When used heavily during the teen years, it can lower grades and your IQ

A young man looking dumbfounded.


2.  Exposure to secondhand marijuana smoke rarely results in a contact high.

A man looking relieved.


3. Serving sizes for marijuana edibles are confusing—it’s easy to eat much more than a person means to, with bad side effects. 

A women looking surprised as she is about to bite a piece of chocolate.

For real?

4. Marijuana doesn’t make you more creative—it just makes you think you are.

A dog with a beret, holding a painter's palette.

Dude, this is my masterpiece.

5. Marijuana can make dogs ill, causing serious medical issues such as injury, dehydration, anxiety, lethargy, impaired balance, vomiting, or diarrhea. A few dogs have even died from eating it.

A sad-looking puppy.

No bueno.

6. Drugged driving is dangerous, illegal, and happening more and more. The risk of being in an accident doubles after marijuana use.

A police officer writing a ticket.

Do you know why I pulled you over?

7. Over three-quarters of the students surveyed in the "Monitoring the Future" study (and four-fifths of 8th graders) said they disapproved of people using marijuana regularly.

A teen girl looking disappointed.

Do better.

8. Spice, also known as K2, is not fake marijuana. In fact, some effects of Spice are much more intense than those of marijuana and have even been linked to deaths.

A teen boy looking surprised.


9. A small number of medications that contain THC are approved by the Food and Drug Administration. They are used for treating nausea and appetite problems caused by cancer chemotherapy and AIDS. Marijuana’s other chemical—cannabidiol or CBD—also is being studied for potential medical uses, including treatment for seizures.

A young girl dressed as a scientist.


10. Ancient healers used cannabis in religious ceremonies—not as a party drug.

Cannabis plant.

That’s old school.

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There are so many dangerous things when using Marijuana. It’s sad that so many people are addicted to it.
I didn't know that marijuana had so many different types. Also I think it's crazy that dogs can get sick from the smoke
I didn’t know some facts in this article and i fell like this article is very informational
It is weird to learn that there are so many bad side effects to marijuana and that the risk of being in a car accident on marijuana double. Also that marijuana can lower your IQ.
This article was very interesting and provided a good deal on facts about marijuana and the side effects that it can have on teens who use it, such as impaired memory.
Marijuana has some seriously bad side effects if not used correctly. I’m not saying there is a right way to use marijuana, but it has some very good medical uses if someone needs medical marijuana.
Marijuana, also known as bud or gas, is harmful. I did not know that marijuana can lower your IQ and lead to car accidents. People should stay away from marijuana.
It’s interesting that although there are many “dangerous” side effects that can be associated with marijuana, it’s still being pushed for legalization in many states around the country.
I never knew it was illegal to smoke marijuana while driving, I just thought it was something that was stressed to not do.
I find it interesting how many of these things in this article I have seen lately in the news. For example, I recently read an article about how a dog had seizures and later died from eating marijuana. I also am aware of someone within in the school who took an edible that was too strong for her, and there were dangerous side effects. Overall, it is clear that this drig can have dangerous side effects.
I think it’s important for children to know these 10 things because now they know what will happen it they smoke
It’s really sad that people are leaving their weed around and dogs are getting to it. They don’t know any better and it’s sad that their owner isn’t responsible enough to put it away let alone not smoke it in the first place.
It’s really shocking what marijuana can make people do especially make people think they are more creative
Marijuana is no laughing matter and I believe it's a huge issue. It looks as if it is impossible to think doing this is a good idea. With the high percentage of drugs around Pennsylvania, it's becoming more of a problem. Kids really need to understand the effects of this and that this can come to an end.
This article is very informative about marijuana. Also marijuana is harmful to children and harmful to animals who don’t need it that was really something knew the negative side affects of marijuana were this dangerous
Why does it kill brain cells? Does it kill a lot every time you use it? Does it do less harm after your brain is fully developed?

These are great questions, and we appreciate your interest in learning more! Our Drug Facts page on marijuana contains more information that may help answer some of your questions. Please check it out at https://teens.drugabuse.gov/drug-facts/marijuana, and pay particular attention to the section titled, “What happens to your brain when you use marijuana?”


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