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10 Things You Can Learn About Marijuana on the Drugs & Health Blog

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The NIDA Blog Team

Recently, the NIDA Blog Team brought the science of marijuana to life in a series of posts about the drug’s effects on your brain, perception, pets, driving, and more. Here are a few highlights!

1. Marijuana use interferes with attention, motivation, memory, and learning. When used heavily during the teen years, it can lower grades and your IQ

A young man looking dumbfounded.


2.  Exposure to secondhand marijuana smoke rarely results in a contact high.

A man looking relieved.


3. Serving sizes for marijuana edibles are confusing—it’s easy to eat much more than a person means to, with bad side effects. 

A women looking surprised as she is about to bite a piece of chocolate.

For real?

4. Marijuana doesn’t make you more creative—it just makes you think you are.

A dog with a beret, holding a painter's palette.

Dude, this is my masterpiece.

5. Marijuana can make dogs ill, causing serious medical issues such as injury, dehydration, anxiety, lethargy, impaired balance, vomiting, or diarrhea. A few dogs have even died from eating it.

A sad-looking puppy.

No bueno.

6. Drugged driving is dangerous, illegal, and happening more and more. The risk of being in an accident doubles after marijuana use.

A police officer writing a ticket.

Do you know why I pulled you over?

7. Over three-quarters of the students surveyed in the "Monitoring the Future" study (and four-fifths of 8th graders) said they disapproved of people using marijuana regularly.

A teen girl looking disappointed.

Do better.

8. Spice, also known as K2, is not fake marijuana. In fact, some effects of Spice are much more intense than those of marijuana and have even been linked to deaths.

A teen boy looking surprised.


9. A small number of medications that contain THC are approved by the Food and Drug Administration. They are used for treating nausea and appetite problems caused by cancer chemotherapy and AIDS. Marijuana’s other chemical—cannabidiol or CBD—also is being studied for potential medical uses, including treatment for seizures.

A young girl dressed as a scientist.


10. Ancient healers used cannabis in religious ceremonies—not as a party drug.

Cannabis plant.

That’s old school.

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Yes maraunwa or weed is a mind blocker it makes you forget it destroys tissue in the brain.
You got it wrong...if you do your research you will see that is actually improves your brain function and has been proven to help Alzheimer patients gain brain function and activity
You are right, but it can still do serious damage to your body. It can even kill you.
You seriously need to get your facts right. You cannot die from it.
You actually can...duh.
So can water if you drink too much at one time and alcohol kills far more people than any other drug
Smoking marijuana it can causes lot of diseases in your body such as kidney Lungs Heart Skin so on
That's not how you spell mariijuana.
Clearly ., you're unaware and haven't educated yourself about the benefjts of our Endocannabinoid StsytemWikipedia the ecs Or the endocannabinpid system deficiency syndrome.
YES! You seem to be the only reasonable person in this entire comment section.
that is true don't use it
You should talk about the loss of IQ points at an early age of using Marijuana.
Would putting Marijuana make the effects of the drug any less? What part of the brain is affected by Marijuana that causes adolescents to lose IQ points?

Hi psychstudent, assuming you meant "eating marijuana," the answer is no, it will not lessen the effects of the drug, but it will delay the effects—it could take as long as an hour to feel effects—and the effects last longer.

Many areas of the brain are affected by marijuana use, including the hippocampus (necessary for making new memories and for learning) and parts of the frontal cortex, which control how you make decisions.

Wooooow and you didnt even name the actual receptor. Typical propagandist.
Eating marijuana has been proven to be five times more powerful in its effects, yet not ONE single death has ever been recorded whether eating it or smoking. This aRticle is biased in its view of all things negative except for the part where you prove it to be an amazing drug that can cure many illnesses. MariJUana will be legalized throughout the U.S because it should be.hands down Write articles on alcohol or cigarettes. Things that actually kill and do nothing but negative
I'm worried that there are some students who don't disapprove of marijuana use. I just hope that that small one quarter of students don't end up using drugs or alcohol.
Marijuana does not make you creative it is a placebo effect.
That would be a matter of opinion not a fact.
Cannabis affects people diffrently. For some people it can make them creative, energetic, productive etc. For some people it makes them lazy, stupid, goofy, and so on. Not to mention the sub species (Indica, Sativa, ruderalis) and many strains that have diffrent ratios of cannabinoids and terpenes that have wildly diffrent effects on us. Some of those terpenes and cannibinoids have mind stimulating and thought provoking qualites.
Some people say that second hand smoke is a thing when around marijuana, but it shows here that this is not the case. It is also very interesting that people smoked marijuana for religious purposes, but it is banned in most places in the United States.
Your lies will go down in history as genocide.
Please watch culture high on Netflix.
pot is amazing
marijuana is amazing
Pot is good
marijiouna rules
Marijuana should be treated like alcohol.
The first statement in this list is invalid; they don't define 'heavy use' here. All studies show that heavy use (being three times a day or more) which is rare for most people in general. Light to Moderate use generally has no affect on teens and can increase IQ.
Contact high is real http://bit.ly/1PPAncF At least, the third statement is true. Unregulated edibles can have varying amounts of pot butter which can contain different amounts of THC depending upon the strand of marijuana it is made from and process used to make the butter. Pot can make you more creative by reducing your inhibitions and allowing for more fluid thought. Pot can have adverse effects on many pets, because dogs, cats, and most household pets do not have a cannabinoid system.
Use of marijuana for medicinal purposes, such as Multiple Sclerosis and Seizures has been recognized, by the American Board of Neurology, in 2014 as one of the most effective treatments, in treating this disease (s) and symptoms. My seizures were uncontrollable, on prescrition medications, which also caused me numerous side effects. Since starting the use of Cannabis/marijuana, for my seizures I am now seizure free and have eliminated those toxic pills/medications, for seizures, that weren't working anyways !!! Also helps my Multiple Sclerosis so much more, than most of those toxic Disease Modifying Drugs. That's a Fact !!!!
If this "drug" is so dangerous how come the government has it patent??? Look it up the patent number is 6630507...Do your research before writing propaganda.

There are many misconceptions about the patent you reference, which is not about medical marijuana or the whole plant itself. HHS holds a patent issued in 2003 for the use of cannabinoids (not cannabis) as antioxidants and neuroprotectants (http://1.usa.gov/dtbcVO). The patent describes the therapeutic potential for cannabinoid chemical compounds that are structurally similar to THC, but without its psychoactive properties, thereby treating specific conditions without the adverse side effects associated with smoked marijuana (such as cognitive deficits and addiction). The patent allows companies to license specific cannabinoids for research purposes. There is a significant amount of research underway to determine the both the potential medical benefits and possible risks of these compounds. You can learn more about these studies at https://www.drugabuse.gov/drugs-abuse/marijuana/nida-research-therapeuti....

Smoking marijuana is danger. to our health.because it causes a lot. Aof diseases into your body infect Brain cancer, kidney cancer skin diseases. lungs cancer and make your brain dull.
I agree because it is very bad for you. I don't think teens should be smoking it. It has very bad effects that can take your life
if you ain't mob, it aint for ya
Guys... guys... slooowww down and look at BOTH sides of the argument before committing yourself to all this.
Or don't do drugs.
Moderate marijuana use can inhibit brain development in people under 25. Studies have shown that Adolescents with marijuana use disorder often suffer with psychiatric disorders as well.
The arguments against alcohol use are far more compelling; it is classed by the WHO as the most dangerous drug known to man and causes far more deaths, mental disorders and wrecked lives than any other drug (probably more than from all the other drugs combined). In spite of this, it is not illegal and people are left to make their own decisions on whether or not to use it. Marijuana should be treated the same.
Your giving out all the wrong answers to people so stop it and shame one you for doing so.
I didn’t know that there were different types of marijuana I thought that was kind of interesting. Also it was interesting to think that you actually are lowering your IQ level by smoking marijuana because some people think it helps but it really doesn’t.
I never knew dogs can get ill and can cause medical issues just from eating Marijuana
This article was very informational and can teach people a lot about marijuana.
marijuana is bad for you and if you ever do k2 ypu could possibly die because it’s deadly.
I think that Marijuana is a very dangerous thing to use. It can lower your grades, make your dog ill, and do many more other terrible side effects. This is classified as the most dangerous drug known to man and if you try it, you can probably never let go of it. I think that the artical post is very helpful and teaches you about Marijuana.