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A hand holds a red plastic cup at a party.

What Is Lean?

July 13, 2020  /  The NIDA Blog Team

Misusing prescription cough medicine can lead to nausea and dizziness, and in some cases, seizures and overdose.  Read More »

Hand drawing chemical formula of LSD.

Hallucinogens: Just the Facts

June 08, 2020  /  The NIDA Blog Team

Hallucinogens change a person’s awareness of their surroundings, thoughts, and feelings. These drugs can have other unpredictable effects, too.   Read More »

MDMA tablets in various colors.

Meet Molly: The Truth About MDMA (Ecstasy or “E”)

May 11, 2020  /  The NIDA Blog Team

You never know what you’re getting with Molly, but it probably won’t be good. Read More »

Methamphetamine C10H15N chemical formula on blackboard

Methamphetamine (Meth): Just the Facts

March 02, 2020  /  The NIDA Blog Team

Methamphetamine (meth) is a stimulant drug that can cause more serious problems than just "meth mouth".  Read More »

A ruler measures a model of a brain that looks small in size.

Is Teen Drug Use Related to Brain Size?

February 03, 2020  /  The NIDA Blog Team

Teens who use nicotine, alcohol, and marijuana have two brain areas that are smaller than average when they become adults. Read More »