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SARS-CoV-2 yellow virus particles on a blue background.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) and Drug Use: What’s the Connection?

April 27, 2020  /  The NIDA Blog Team

It's important to be smart about your health. Take care of your lungs: Avoid smoking or vaping any substance. Read More »

Illustration of human anatomy of lungs.

The Latest on Vaping-Related Illness and Deaths

April 06, 2020  /  The NIDA Blog Team

If a person heats vitamin E acetate and inhales it (breathes it in), it may damage their lungs.  Read More »

A ruler measures a model of a brain that looks small in size.

Is Teen Drug Use Related to Brain Size?

February 03, 2020  /  The NIDA Blog Team

Teens who use nicotine, alcohol, and marijuana have two brain areas that are smaller than average when they become adults. Read More »

Screengrab of Dr. Kevin Walton. NIH, National Institute on Drug Abuse, Dr. Kevin Walton,

Three Surprising Risks From Vaping

January 27, 2020  /  The NIDA Blog Team

The more we learn about vaping, the riskier it turns out to be. Dr. Kevin Walton, a scientific expert on vaping, explains the risks.  Read More »

Young man hiding behind a pillow while watching a television show.

TV and Tobacco: A Dangerous Match

January 21, 2020  /  The NIDA Blog Team

It's becoming more common to see characters in TV programs smoking on screen. What does that mean for teens and tobacco use?  Read More »