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Brain and Addiction Blog Posts

A child plays a video game on a smartphone and sits at a computer.

Can Too Much “Screen Time” Change Your Brain?

March 09, 2020  /  The NIDA Blog Team

Scientists are reviewing brain scans from ABCD Study participants to see how developing brains change over time. Screen time is just one of the things scientists are exploring. Read More »

This is a screengrab from the featured video. It's a graphic illustration of a doctor looking at brain images on a large wall or screen.

Anyone Can Become Addicted to Drugs

December 09, 2019  /  The NIDA Blog Team

Addiction is a brain disease. And it can happen to anyone.  Read More »

Addiction word cloud in the shape of a person's profile.

Myth or Fact? “Addiction Is a Choice"

June 17, 2019  /  The NIDA Blog Team

Addiction is a brain disease. It’s not a choice, and it’s not a weakness. Drugs can change how the brain works, and those changes can last for a long time.  Read More »

illustration of brain receptor transmitting a signal.

Say What? “Dopamine”

May 13, 2019  /  The NIDA Blog Team

Your brain releases a neurotransmitter called dopamine as a response to things that are pleasurable. Read More »

An astronaut holding tissue chips.

Can Space Help Us Understand Addiction?

March 25, 2019  /  The NIDA Blog Team

Scientists will investigate space-based changes to hopefully uncover greater insights into diseases like addiction and treatments that might help.  Read More »