Brain Function Blog Posts

diagram of the brain, including cortex, frontal lobe, parieta lobe, temporal lobe, and occipital lobe.

Meet Your Brain

July 29, 2019  /  The NIDA Blog Team

Your brain is the command center for your entire body. Without it, you’re not you.  Read More »

illustration of brain receptor transmitting a signal.

Say What? “Dopamine”

May 13, 2019  /  The NIDA Blog Team

Your brain releases a neurotransmitter called dopamine as a response to things that are pleasurable. Read More »

illustration of two mice

Addiction and the Importance of Social Connections

December 10, 2018  /  The NIDA Blog Team

Scientists are discovering that connecting with other people might create a positive effect for people who have problems with drugs.  Read More »

Human brain and active receptor

Say What? “Receptor”

June 26, 2017  /  The NIDA Blog Team

Drug use can change the way nerve cells in your brain work. Read More »

Tired stick figure.

Sleep Is Your Brain’s Best Friend

December 07, 2016  /  The NIDA Blog Team

Skipping sleep doesn’t just make you feel sleepy, exhausted, and crabby; it actually makes things harder for your brain. Read More »