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Finding Your Yoda: Why Mentors Matter

The NIDA Blog Team
July 13, 2016

While Yoda himself might not be available, think about finding your own mentor! Read More »

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Four people at the Addiction Science Awards

Check Out Cool Projects From Young Scientists

The NIDA Blog Team
July 05, 2016

Check out what these teens discovered about stress, brain development, and substance use. Read More »

The musician Prince

Prince Died From an Overdose of Fentanyl

The NIDA Blog Team
June 27, 2016

Medical authorities have discovered what caused the death of the musician Prince: He overdosed on the drug fentanyl. Read More »

A pregnant woman

Pregnancy and Drugs: Update (Part 2 – Marijuana, Opioids, and Illegal Drugs)

The NIDA Blog Team
June 20, 2016

An expecting mother’s use of drugs has all kinds of risks for the baby. Read More »

A pregnant woman breaking a cigarette in half

Pregnancy and Drugs: Update (Part 1 – Smoking and Vaping)

The NIDA Blog Team
June 14, 2016

A new study links a pregnant woman’s smoking to differences in her baby’s DNA. Read More »