Offer Karla Xanax


YOU: I'm sorry... he's so lame.

Here, take these. My mom is always super stressed and they make her feel better.

Later that day

TEACHER: Group one, we're ready for you.

STUDENT: So that's the introduction and now it's Karla's turn.

KARLA: So, um, there were all these countries like China and England, that need allied things, and then the S.S. Roosevelt discount neutrality submarine.

Xanax can cause coordination problems and confusion.

YOU: Uh-oh, what have I done?

The Next Day

KARLA: I don't even know what happened. We went over that stuff so many times... I knew exactly what I was supposed to say. I could have done that presentation in my sleep!

STUDENT 1: Next time, don't bother trying to be in our group.

STUDENT 2: Does it mean ANYTHING to you that we are all getting one grade on that project?

STUDENT 3: We're all probably going to fail... thanks to you.

TEACHER: Yeah, Karla, I've got to say, this was disappointing. This is not like you. See me after class.

ANNOUNCER: When you take medicine prescribed for you by your doctor and take it as directed, prescription drugs can help you. But, misusing or abusing prescription drugs is dangerous and you never know what the effects could be.