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YOU: Ugh, I gotta get out of here. I hope no one sees me.

(Door opens)

YOU: She's ruining my life. I can't take this anymore.

(Pill bottles shake)

Prescription Drugs should be taken only under a doctor's care.


Later that day

MOTHER: Honey! Could you come help me with the groceries? I could use some help at the car.

MOTHER: Honey, honey, are you okay? What's the matter? You took those pills? Oh my God. Oh my God, we have to get you to the hospital right now. Come on with me. It's okay, don't worry, we're gonna get you to the hospital.

(Car door shuts)


ANNOUNCER: When you take medicine prescribed for you by your doctor and take it as directed, prescription drugs can help you. But, misusing or abusing prescription drugs is dangerous and you never know what the effects could be.