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Add NIDA's Free Content to Your Website

You can now add NIDA for Teens content directly to your website. It is a free way for you to get science-based facts on drugs, drug use, and addiction on your website.

  • Drugs & Health Blog. You can subscribe to the RSS feed to receive all of the NIDA Drugs & Health Blog posts on your website or desktop.
  • Drug Facts and More. All of the Drug Facts and other important NIDA for Teens content is available for “content syndication.”

    It’s simple to get access!

    Drugs & Health Blog Posts: RSS Feed

    The Blog RSS feed (RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication) allows you to import content and code directly from the NIDA for Teens website into your site.

    Step 1: Visit the Drugs & Health Blog RSS Feed page.

    Step 2: Copy the URL into your favorite reader.  

    • The RSS feed displays and regularly updates the headlines for you.

    Drug Facts Pages and More: Content Syndication

    Content syndication is through the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) Syndication Storefront. Read the FAQs about content syndication to learn more.

    Step 1: Create a free account at the HHS Syndication Storefront.

    Three steps to content syndication at NIH
    • Visit the HHS Syndication Storefront. Click REGISTER at the top of the page. Enter your contact information and create a password. Creating an account is free and doesn’t obligate you to do anything.

    Step 2: Sign in, browse, and choose your Drug Fact topics.

    • SIGN IN with your email and new password.
    • Choose your NIDA drug fact topics. To review what’s on a particular page you might want for your own website, click on the title of the page. You will be directed to more information about the page.

    Step 3: Copy and paste the code.

    • You will see a page with all the information you need to post material on your website.
    • You can copy the code with or without jQuery depending on what your website uses. Simply paste the code into the section of your website where you would like the information to appear.
    • To enhance the formatting and styling on your syndicated pages, we have provided some basic CSS (cascading style sheet) files. There are two options:
      • For a simpler option, copy and paste this code:
        <link href="" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" />

        along with the embed code from the HHS Syndication Storefront code onto your website. Note: The CSS code should be placed BEFORE the Embed code. Also, note that some WYSIWYG editors prevent embed codes and links to stylesheets from being saved alongside regular content. If this is true for your site, contact your Webmaster or Web developer.

      • For Webmasters and Web developers: Visit our NIDA for Teens Syndication GitHub page. The repository can be cloned or forked and contains BOTH compiled CSS and uncompiled SCSS.

    Enjoy your new content!

    The information will appear on your site within 24 hours. And, your website will be updated automatically when NIDA updates the source page with new scientific evidence. You don’t need to do another thing.

    Benefits of NIDA's Content 

    The benefits of content syndication are:

    • You save time and money. You don’t have to write your own information or worry about updating it. Our content is written in clear, plain language and is reviewed by subject matter experts from NIDA at least once a year.
    • You can add the drug fact content to existing information on your website, in the style of your site.