NIDA for Teens: The Science Behind Drug Abuse
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Is addiction a disease?

Is addiction a disease?

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1357240534January 03, 2013Yes
1357240543January 03, 2013I Don't Know
SuDrupalJanuary 03, 2013I Don't Know
1357240637January 03, 2013No
1357242580January 03, 2013No
1357305345January 04, 2013No
1357305386January 04, 2013No
1357305394January 04, 2013I Don't Know
1357318325January 04, 2013Yes
1357653860January 08, 2013Yes
1357677061January 08, 2013Yes
1358109152January 13, 2013Yes
1358170217January 14, 2013Yes
1358183064January 14, 2013Yes
1358188160January 14, 2013I Don't Know
1358188170January 14, 2013I Don't Know
1358188206January 14, 2013I Don't Know
1358188926January 14, 2013Yes
1358212487January 14, 2013Yes
1358212498January 14, 2013Yes