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Our Events Map features all of the events and activities taking place during National Drug Facts Week℠ to shatter the myths of drugs and drug abuse.

The green icon green circles indicate how many events are in a particular state. Click on the circle in your state to see event details or use the [+/- bar image here] to zoom in.

Total Events: 30


MCAS Yuma Drug Demand Reduction Progra

Where:Marine Corps Air Station Yuma
Yuma, Arizona
When: January 26, 2015, January 30, 2015
Brief Description: Hosting 5 events. The MCAS Yuma Drug Demand Reduction program will be traveling to all the Yuma High School District from Jan 26-31, 2015. The program will promote Drug Facts Week by providing brochures and engaging the students with the help of active duty Marines and Sailors about the dangers of illegal drugs.

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The Grace Homes /New Journey

Where:1105 N Sumter Court
Visalia, California
When: January 29, 2015, January 30, 2015
Brief Description: Spaghetti Lunch feed for public invitees and students as well as an overview of substance use and its affects on teens in our community and abroad by Sherrie Fehlman, Diplomat of Forensic Social Work and Certified Forensic Counselor.

Los Angeles Academy of Arts & Enterprise

Where:600 S. La Fayette Park Place
Los Angeles, California
When: January 28, 2015
Brief Description: Hosting 2 events. Speaker presentations; film screening; art contest.

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Rocky Mountain Deaf School

Where:1921 Youngfield St #204
Golden, Colorado
When: January 26, 2015
Brief Description: Hosting 3 events. NDFW will be celebrated in the classroom throughout the week; the school counselor will bring awareness to middle and high school students during homeroom. Posters will be hung throughout the school and a pledge will be signed by students.

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The National Association for the Prevention of Teenage Addiction, Inc.

Where:61 Arrow Road
Wethersfield, Connecticut
When: January 27, 2015
Brief Description: National Press Conference at the Connecticut State Capital, with videos, exhibits, student/teacher/law enforcement testimonies regarding the overwhelming success NAPTA is having in deterring young people from experimenting with drugs or alcohol...via our live, school to school presentations. An introduction to our motto: "Stop-em Before They Start". Additionally, a special presentation from The Boy/Girl Scouts of America as a formal collaborative organization.

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Boise State University/Idaho RADAR Center

Where:1910 University Drive MS 1860
Boise, Idaho
When: January 26, 2015, January 27, 2015, January 28, 2015, January 29, 2015, January 30, 2015
Brief Description: Hosting 5 events. Will post National Drug Facts on our Facebook page and Twitter feed, will promote Drugs Shatter the Myths and the associated Drug IQ challenge to schools throughout Idaho.

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Raymond Coley MSEd,LCPC,MISAII

Where:8941 SWestern
Chicago, Illinois
When: January 27, 2015
Brief Description: Hosting 2 events. Resource Table with Clinician providing other resources such inpatient treatment facilities for those individuals needing more intense support.

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Arcadia Valley High School

Where:520 Park Drive
Ironton, Missouri
When: January 26, 2015
Brief Description: Yet to be planned, but will include poster campaign and possible assembly.

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New York

Center for Developmental Neuroscience - College of Staten Island - CUNY

Where:2800 Vicotry Blvd
Staten Island, New York
When: January 26, 2015
Brief Description: This event will start with a breakfast so students have the opportunity to get acquainted and feel comfortable, followed by an interactive podium talk given by an expert scientist in the field of alcoholism. The conference will cover topics including risks associated to alcohol consumption; types of relationships with alcohol, FDA recommended limits, drinking patters in US Colleges, social vs. problem drinkers, behavioral and physiological effects of alcohol on major organs, and to finalize, strategies to reduce alcohol consumption. Alcohol consumption is an increasing problem among young college students, therefore, this event will clear many misconceptions about alcohol and will provide attendees with accurate information about its effects and consequences. During the discussion section planned after lunch, students will self-evaluate and identify their relationship with alcohol and determine if they are putting themselves at risk based on their drinking behavior.

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North Carolina

Lenoir County 4-H Prevention

Where:1791 Hwy. 11/55
Kinston, North Carolina
When: January 27, 2015
Brief Description: Provide youth with drug fact awareness information.

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Hillsboro Empowers Youth

Where:2000 SE Century Blvd.
Hillsboro, Oregon
When: January 29, 2015
Brief Description: Poster Contest and meeting.

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Bellefonte Area Middle School

Where:100 North School Street
Bellefonte, Pennsylvania
When: January 30, 2015
Brief Description: Participate in Drug Facts Chat Day.

CANDLE INC. / Reality Tour

Where:Westmoreland County Courthouse
Greensburg, Pennsylvania
When: January 27, 2015
Brief Description: A three hour presentation of the Reality Tour, a parent and child drug prevention program. Program includes dramatic scenes, Q&A with law enforcement and people in recovery as well as a presentation on emerging drug trends and what you can do as a family to prevent drug use.

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Concord Academy

Where:4942 Walnut Grove Rd
Memphis, Tennessee
When: January 30, 2015
Brief Description: School assembly with student made video and a speaker.

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LifeSteps Council on Alcohol and Drugs

Where:2021 N. Mays
Round Rock, Texas
When: January 26, 2015, January 27, 2015, January 28, 2015
Brief Description: Hosting 3 events. Drug facts booths in different schools/ computer open for chat.

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Newport News Behavioral Health

Where:17579 Warwick Blvd
Newport News, Virginia
When: January 27, 2015
Brief Description: I am the substance abuse cooridnator at the facility, and to be honet I am not exactly sure the type of event that I would like to have at this current time, however I would love to be able to speak with a representive for ideals.

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