NIDA for Teens: The Science Behind Drug Abuse
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Learn About National Drug Facts Week

What is National Drug Facts Week?

Maryland’s TEENWORKS summer program NDFW video.
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National Drug Facts Week® (NDFW) is an annual health observance week for teens to shatter the myths about drugs and drug abuse. NDFW centers on community events for teens, NIDA’s Drug Facts Chat Day, and partnerships.

Events: Locally planned and hosted school and community events focus on providing teens the scientific facts about drugs.

Drug Facts Chat Day: During this annual live online chat held between high school students and NIDA scientists, students from around the country ask the questions they most want answers to about drugs and drug abuse, including drug effects, how to help friends or family that are abusing drugs, and what causes addiction. Our expert scientists give them the facts.

Partnerships: NIDA works with leading organizations, media outlets, and other Government agencies to spread the word about NDFW and shatter the myths about drugs and drug abuse.

For more information: Download the NDFW Info Sheet (PDF format, 221KB)

How can I host an NDFW event?

NDFW event organizers must be 18 years or older and have ties to an organization that educates teens about healthy living. Teens that are interested in hosting events must partner with an adult who meets this criterion (including your parents!).

EVENT TIP: Including teens in the planning and hosting of NDFW events helps make them educational and fun. Teens are also particularly helpful in reaching out on social media and using technology to help promote NDFW events.

NDFW events have been held with a variety of organizations, including middle and high schools; local nonprofits or other community-based organizations; state or local health departments; PTAs; faith-based organizations; afterschool clubs; and more!

NIDA offers a host of resources to help you plan, promote, and secure the science for your NDFW event:

Additional Questions or Comments?
Please contact us at: 

How do I learn about upcoming or past NDFW events in my area or around the country?

  • Check out events already registered on our NDFW Events Map to see who is hosting an event in your area.
  • Search for your city or state name from the previous year’s Drug Facts Week events.

How do I connect with other NDFW event holders?

How can I use social media to promote my NDFW event?

Tweet, blog, or update your Facebook status to help spread the word about your NDFW event. Share information with your family and friends that will shatter the myths about drug abuse. Go to the Promote With Online Toolkit page for suggestions on how to create your messages.

If you tweet about NDFW, be sure to use our hashtag #drugfacts.

What if my event is not being held during NDFW?

We would still like to hear about your event and support you in any way possible. While you won’t be able to Register Your Event, have it listed on the Events Map, or promote it as an NDFW event, we welcome you to use NIDA’s free resources and materials. We are still here to answer any questions or offer advice. Please send an email to with information about your event, the dates, and any questions you may have.

What if my NDFW event is not showing up on the Events Map?

All approved events will be displayed on the Events Map within 2 weeks of submitting the registration form. If your event is not displayed within that time period, please send an email to

How do I send event photos and videos for posting on the NDFW website?

Be sure to have each person featured in your photos and videos sign a Release Form [PDF - 77 KB]. The form gives us permission to use their image on our website. If we don’t have release forms, we can’t post the items to our pages.

Please email your release forms [PDF - 77 KB], photos, and videos to, and we will post them to our Flickr page.

What is the GRAMMY Foundation® and MusiCares® Teens! Make Music Contest?

The GRAMMY Foundation® and MusiCares® Teens! Make Music Contest offers a great opportunity for aspiring teen musicians to use the healing and uplifting medium of music to help spread the message about the importance of healthy choices and the dangers of drug abuse. The contest asks young musicians to create original music or music videos that celebrate healthy and inspirational living, or accurately depict the dark side of drug abuse.

Check out 2015's winners and runners up!

To see winners from years past, check out the songs.

Please visit the Above the Influence for more information.

How can I help support NDFW but not host an event?

You can help us promote NDFW by becoming a Partner with NIDA, by giving NDFW a Shout Out on Social Media (tweet, blog, or update your Facebook status), and by using NDFW Brochures and Posters to help spread the word about NDFW.

What is the National Drug IQ Challenge?

National Drug IQ Challenge

During National Drug Facts Week® and year round, teens can test their knowledge about drugs and drug abuse by taking the interactive National Drug IQ Challenge quiz. A new challenge is posted annually during NDFW.

EVENT TIP: The online quiz can be projected onto a screen during events or printed for individual use.

What is Drug Facts Chat Day and how can I participate?

The Drug Facts Chat Day page has everything you need to know about NIDA’s annual live chat between students and scientists.

Check out the 2015 chat transcript.

Who are NIDA's Partners for National Drug Facts Week?

NIDA's Partners in spreading the word about NDFW include Federal, state, and local agencies as well as media companies and organizations like MTV, Scholastic, Inc., and the Partnership for Drug-Free Kids. There's a way for everyone to learn the facts and shatter the myths about drug abuse during National Drug Facts Week®!