NIDA for Teens: The Science Behind Drug Abuse
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Sara Bellum Blog Teaching Guides: Teen Drug Abuse

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Sara Bellum Blog Teaching Guides provide educators with 4 groups of related blog posts that complement health curricula about drug abuse. These posts, written by NIDA scientists and science writers, describe the latest science-based information about drug abuse and addiction.

Each guide contains:

  • An introduction
  • Selected blog posts related to the topic
  • Discussion questions for each blog post
  • Additional related resources

Brain Development: The Teen Brain

How drug abuse can negatively affect the developing teen brain - Download PDF [482 KB]

Drugs of Abuse

How specific drugs affect the brain, body, and overall health - Download PDF [1.4 MB]

Topics Related to Drug Abuse and Addiction

The social and emotional impacts of drug abuse, including peer pressure, stress, and stigma - Download PDF [747 KB]

Teaching Teens the Science of Addiction

The latest science and research on the ever-changing landscape of drug abuse and addiction - Download PDF [1.4 MB]

Browse over 400 articles on latest science, research, and trends related to drug abuse on the Sara Bellum Blog.