NIDA for Teens: The Science Behind Drug Abuse
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Accessible Version of Drug Abuse Prevention Downloads

Share drug abuse prevention messages by making your own posters, t-shirts, and more. Inform yourself, your friends, and your community about the dangers of drug abuse.

Click on the Download buttons to save the full size images to your computer.

For prevention activity ideas visit NIDA’s prescription drug abuse prevention initiative PEERx. Find prevention activity ideas here.

Not In My Game Plan
Not In My Game Plan Download (98.18 KB)
Don't Run On Roids
Don't Run On Roids Download (1.49 MB)
Ripped Without Roids
Ripped Without Roids Download (840.74 KB)
Butterflies Download (1.03 MB)
The Good Kind
The Good Kind Download (144.01 KB)
No Smoking Section
No Smoking Section Download (720.9 KB)
I Rave Without X
I Rave Without X Download (27.07 KB)
Boy Download (1.03 MB)
Girl Download (999.52 KB)
Capsule Download (639.07 KB)
Pill Poetry
Pill Poetry Download (403.09 KB)
Natural Highs Are Higher
Natural Highs Are Higher Download (714.31 KB)
Drgz 8nt 4 Me
Drgz 8nt 4 Me Download (688.06 KB)
Not Baked Not Fried
Not Baked Not Fried Download (65.14 KB)
Warning Download (861.34 KB)
Asterisk Download (1.27 MB)