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Why Does Peer Pressure Influence Teens To Try Drugs?

Sara Bellum

During NIDA’s most recent Drug Facts Chat Day,“Kid” from Totino-Grace High School in Minnesota, asked: “Why is peer pressure such a huge factor in teens’ temptations [to experiment with] drugs and alcohol?”

Risk Versus Reward

New research shows that, when making a decision, teens think about both the risks and rewards of their actions and behaviors—but, unlike adults, teens are more likely to ignore the risk in favor of the reward.

In a NIDA-funded study, teens driving with their friends in the car were more likely to take risks—like speeding through yellow lights—if they knew that two or more of their friends were watching. Teens were also significantly more likely to act this way than adults in the same experiment.

Researchers monitored the brain activity of all the teen drivers in the study. Results showed that just knowing friends were watching activated brain regions linked with reward, especially when the teen drivers made risky decisions.

So, be aware: The desire to impress your friends may override your fear of taking risks. This could also apply to deciding whether to try drugs or alcohol—your decision might be influenced by who is around and if you think they’d be impressed.

Tell us: When you already know the risks, yet you want to impress your friends, do you run the light or slow down and stop? Do you accept a drink or turn it down? Do you go with the crowd or be your own person and impress others with your individuality? What are some ways you could put the brakes on long enough to think twice before making a decision to do something you know is risky?

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Plz....dnt 4get dat we are future leaders of tmr,so stay away frm drugs.stay away frm bad frnds...lets collect ourselfs plz!
drugs are bad dude
nah chill wit dat
yeah giid bad durgs
i recently fell prey to peer pressure and tried morphine now my school life is messed up and i face charges that are very serious, i regret the decision with all my heart
Yeah drugs are not cool guys you are only decreasing your life span just get a hobby and you shall be fine
What about natural highs

Hi Ginger, you can read about why people say some hobbies, like running, are a "natural high" here:

drugs may seem cool but its just a gateway to destruction
do drugs kids
weed is the best thing that happen to me im now a stock broker . its all about how you use it
I'm very proud to say that I helped my daughter overcome her drug addiction. She ate a frog, now people call her frog spawn mama :(


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