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Spice Is Not Fake Marijuana—Not Even Close

Spice Is Not Fake Marijuana—Not Even Close

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Sara Bellum
May 14, 2014

Spice, also known as K2 or “synthetic (manmade) marijuana,” is not nice. News stories tell of some really bad effects, like one teen who was paralyzed after using the drug. And the deaths of 3 young people earlier this year in Iowa were also linked to Spice.

With marijuana use continuing to rise and more states considering making it legal, it is important to get the word out that Spice is not fake marijuana. Calling Spice “fake pot” is just a marketing ploy to attract people to try it, making them believe that it is something familiar.

In fact, some effects of Spice are much more intense than those of marijuana. Some users experience extreme anxiety, paranoia (believing someone is out to get you), and hallucinations (seeing and hearing things that aren’t real).

People also report a fast heart rate, vomiting, agitation, and confusion. Spice can also raise blood pressure and cause reduced blood supply to the heart, and in a few cases it has been linked with heart attacks. People who use it a lot may experience withdrawal and addiction symptoms.

Marijuana does not cause paralysis like in the Texas teen. Spice needs to be treated as a dangerous drug in its own right, not just a manmade form of marijuana.

The good news is that Spice use is down, especially among high school seniors, who seem to be getting the message that it’s not a drug to mess with. That’s one particularly bright spot in NIDA’s 2013 Monitoring the Future statistics.

Visit DrugFacts: Spice for more information.


Thanks for your post
i feel good about knowing that i know i can tell people not to
thats true i feel as if spice is a complete mystery you never know whats in it if they still make it or not and if yor able to get it on the streets or stores etc i just feel like its crazy especially with all of these research chemicals and what the distributers do like how every time a new regulation takes place they just modify the structure of the chemicle itself.
Good post.
my buddie almost died from "spice", its a very bad drug, that can kill.
i feel bad for your friend or buddy bless their heart
I didn't even know this stuff existed - thanks for the info otherwise I probs woulda tried it :T
W.O.W your not the only one
What is the spice so I can avoid it later on. THX

Hi Gareth, Spice the drug is not a spice you would use for cooking.  It's slang, or a nickname, for a dangerous synthetic drug.  Check out Molly, Spice, and Orange Crush: Slang for Dangerous Drugs to learn why drug dealers give their products cute or trendy names.

I can see why this..... "product" can be seen as a substitute for marijuana as it looks and gives "the same effect"(for users that haven't had marijuana) as it. This makes it even more dangerous considering the fact that it is a lot worse than marijuana.
thankyou helpful for my paper
thank you:)
Isn't this a great advertisement for legal marijuana? With a relatively harmless substance like cannabis made illegal, people turn to dangerous, untested, legal highs like spice.
I think another thing that needs to be put out in order for people to avoid this is a good description of the product. It is often marketed under names that are similar to names of types of actual marijuana. It also almost never has the ingredients listed usually instead the names of harmless plants that some some people seem to think will make you high. Forwarning: it is not the plants that are making you high! It is special powders created in labs that are sprinkled onto the plants. I have heard horror stories of people new to pot being sold this instead.

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