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Meet Molly: The Truth About MDMA

Sara Bellum

Recently, Madonna created some buzz when she mentioned “Molly” at Miami’s Ultra Music Festival. Madonna shouted to the audience, “How many people in the crowd have seen Molly?” Madonna was talking about the song “Have You Seen Molly?” by Cedric Gervais. However, “Molly” is also a nickname for MDMA. Many news outlets reported that the legendary pop singer was talking about drugs, not the song. Madonna responded by saying, “I don't support drug use and I never have.”

All About Molly

We were happy to hear that Madonna doesn’t encourage her fans to use MDMA, because it’s a very dangerous drug. MDMA is manmade—similar to the stimulant methamphetamine. It’s commonly used at dance clubs and concerts, and can make people feel like they have more energy and less fear. But the myths about MDMA being pure and safe are definitely not true.

Let us introduce you to the real Molly.

  • Molly Is Often Mixed Up. MDMA is a synthetic drug, meaning that it’s made of chemicals. It comes in colorful pills, tablets, or capsules that sometimes have cartoon-like images on them. Sometimes each pill, or batch of pills, can have different combinations of substances in the mix and cause unknown consequences.
  • Molly Makes You Hyper. People who use MDMA might feel very alert, or “hyper.” But MDMA can also cause muscle cramping, nausea, blurred vision, increased heart rate and blood pressure—and in rare cases, hyperthermia and even death.
  • Molly Can Depress You. Potential side effects of MDMA include feelings of sadness, anxiety, depression, and memory difficulties. These can last for several days to a week (or longer in people who use it regularly).
  • Molly Is Dangerous. MDMA can be extremely dangerous in high doses—increasing the risk of seizures and compromising the heart's ability to maintain its normal rhythms. A study in animals showed that exposure to high doses of MDMA for 4 days produced brain damage that could still be seen 6 to 7 years later.

Ecstasy and MDMA Use Is Rising

Despite these harmful consequences, NIDA’s Monitoring the Future study shows that past-year Ecstasy use is up significantly among college students and young adults age 19–28. Another report shows that emergency room visits related to Ecstasy increased nearly 123% from 2004 to 2009; two-thirds of these visits involved 18–29 year olds. This is troubling news, since we’re still learning how Ecstasy affects the brain.

Tell us what you think of Madonna’s “Molly” mix-up. If Madonna’s comment had been referring to drug use, would that change your opinion of her? Are you more likely to buy her album “MDNA” (coincidentally similar to MDMA) since hearing about this in the news? Let us know in the comments.


@cece Using molly, a nickname for MDMA, is both illegal and can be dangerous. To learn more about the facts of MDMA visit: There are many ways to have fun with your friends without using illegal drugs.

Below please find a summary of the common effects of MDMA.

For most people, a “hit” of MDMA lasts for 3 to 6 hours. Once the pill is swallowed, it takes only about 15 minutes for MDMA to enter the bloodstream and reach the brain. About 45 minutes later, the person experiences MDMA's “high.” That’s when the drug is at its peak level. People who use MDMA might feel very alert, or “hyper,” at first. Some lose a sense of time and experience other changes in perception, such as an enhanced sense of touch. Others experience negative effects right away. They may become anxious and agitated. Sweating or chills may occur, and people may feel faint or dizzy.

MDMA can also cause muscle tension, nausea, blurred vision, and increased heart rate and blood pressure. Forceful clenching of the teeth can occur, and individuals at clubs have been known to chew on pacifiers to relieve some of the tension.

But it doesn't stop there. Even if a person takes only one pill, the side effects of MDMA—including feelings of sadness, anxiety, depression, and memory difficulties—can last for several days to a week (or longer in people who use MDMA regularly).

Those aren't real friends. Run from them!
Man, if u try it once it's not gonna kill you. Just you can't have an addictive personality; even if you do the worst cravings are only 3-5 days and that's on heroine
Don't take dont have to be a will ruin your life and your family as well. my daughter is on this and we Re having major problems with her right will ruin your life..find better friends..they are out ther
Her album is called MDNA ??? Coincidence
i think that molly is a bad idea my uncle died from it. please dont use
she was even at she did. and who cares. as long as your source is reliable your educated and know what your doing. pure mdma is perfectly safe to take when taken at the right dose. the reason people get hurt is because. they are abusing it. using it days in a row to keep themselves up to dance and party which leads to other drug mixtures/dehydration/overhydration/malnutrution/etc. and most deaths or overdoses are people at raves and/or have been using alcohol.


Pure MDMA is NOT perfectly safe.  First, it's nearly impossible to know if you are buying pure MDMA.  Molly is just as likely to be mixed with other substances as any other drug.  Molly can contain ephedrine, dextromethorphan, ketamine, cocaine, meth, or even bath salts.  Second, even pure MDMA is harmful.  A person who takes MDMA can experience increased heart rate and blood pressure, muscle tension, teeth clenching, blurred vision, chills, and sweating.  In high doses, MDMA can raise your body tempurature which can damage your liver, kidneys, and heart. Third, everyone reacts differently to drugs (legal and illegal).  Even a small amount can harm or kill someone.  

Just saying, You can always go buy a drug testing kit.

I think she was confused

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i think she would do anything in order to stay youth and attract them. I am defenetly not a fan anymore.

probaly was talking bout the song

I was there front row at ultra vip starring at the stage when she said that and everyone went nuts!! Everyone knows in miami ultra is about rolling and popping mollies, so what other reason does she have for screaming out "has anyone seen molly" she's obviously hyping it up and promoting it.
You know she was talking about the drug. Like the others have said anything to be "cool" with the audeince to stay young and make money.

wether she was talking about the drug or not people have the ability to chose to do acts of drugs ect. or not. it doesnt take one artist to say molly and be promoting that drug. people will do it regardless. yes molly is known for mdma but were is everyone when half the r&b, pop and rap artist are talking about sex,alcohol and drugs? isnt that just as bad?

This molly thing is becoming mainstream. Madonna is just now doing it for promotional purposes. You have r&b artists such as Rihanna promoting molly in her shine bright like a diamond song when she says "as we moonshine and molly". You have rappers like trinidad james,drake,jayz,rick ross, etc who are also promoting molly in their songs as well. The point is, kids and teens listen to this type of music and become more and more curious as to what molly is. This is the evil agenda the illuminati is putting out there. People are becoming more aware of their agenda everyday and so the only way for them to keep us (the masses) blinded is by them promoting molly as being safe and an unharmful drug. It all has to do with corrupting the youth. so to answer your question, YES it is just as bad, but when children and teens do this, its not like its their choice. Its a curiosity for them since the word MOLLY is being thrown in their faces everyday listening to this type of music, they will want to try it.
I agree with you wholeheartedly
speaking about exampls of celebs premotin molly tyga & wiz have a hole song aout it
Actually you're wrong. I'm 17 and been experimenting with drugs for a while now and I never once listened to a song and thought "oh I'm gonna go out and buy some crack now". I was introduced to pot at 15 by my older cousin and from then on I would do drugs with my friends who would also introduce me to other "things". It was never peer pressure, it was always my choice. Everyone who starts either experimenting or regularly using drugs was introduced to it by someone else. How else do you think we get a hold of it? You can't walk up to a random person and just ask for it. It's not like they sell it in stores. Musics entertainment, not a guide book. And no, I don't have a rough home life. I live in a nice house in a family neighbourhood next to the lake and my mom did a very good job of keeping me sheltered for most of my life. There's honestly nothing anyone could've done to keep me from ever touching drugs because I made my choice knowing the possible harm it could cause me and after taking numerous drug and alcohol programs at school (ie.D.A.R.E). That's the truth. And illuminati? Really? Come on.
i have to agree with you on this one... i cant really say anything though because im only 13 and ive had my fair share for drugs .-.
I think people will do as they please bt theres A LOT more things going wrong with the world today that Madonna saying "molly" isnt such a big issue no matter how she meant it....

Definately talking about MDMA there's no way she was at ultra and wasn't talking about the drug

For Year madonna had inspire sex, drugs and many other is no surprise if she did mention Molly as the drug and cover it up with ohhhh nooo is about the song....people need to wake up and see things for what they are not what you make of them... drugs are taking over our future generation and some parents dont seem to care.. all this entertaiment people saddlly have the influence to guide kids to kill, hurt and become nothing better in their life.

when did she say this i am doin a progect on molly.

I'm doing a school project as well, it was mention at a miami concert festival. Good luck with your project, it is so much data about molly an very extensive. I believe she meant her statement as the drug perspective for youth and that's wrong. Children are dying from this drug and they go to raves and anything happen at these gatherings. A.S.

will everyone shut up about it we all no that madonna is a druggy and we no she was talking about molly in the song but who really cares there are way worst songs then this and u dont see people complaining about them now do u ?? enuf said

Wow is all I have 2 say

When you say, "MDMA is a synthetic drug, meaning that it’s made of chemicals."

This is just incorrect. MDMA (3,4-methylenedioxy-N-methylamphetamine), is one chemical. So pure MDMA is not a mixture.

Saying that something is a synthetic drug does not mean it is made of chemicals. A synthetic drug is one that is synthesized from chemical precursors, and not found in nature. Some drugs can be naturally occurring and can be synthesized. A good example is cocaine, which is made from coca plants found in nature... or can be made synthetically in a laboratory setting.

And let us all keep in mind that the four base pairs that make up our DNA are chemicals, so its a bit unfair to use the word "chemical" with a negative connotation.

Dear author, please know what you are talking about before you write something down.

- A chemist.


Yes, MDMA is a single chemical.  BUT the pills sold as MDMA (or ecstasy) rarely contain just MDMA.  Test results range widely – but, on average, only about a quarter contain just MDMA – and almost half don’t contain any MDMA at all! 

So what you're saying is. "know your drug dealer" Isn't that rule number 1 anyways?
So what's your point? Are you saying it is good for you?

@Tom MDMA, also known as Ecstasy or Molly, can pack a punch. Since it's man-made (not a plant), you never know exactly what's in it. Users may end up with long-lasting confusion and depression and trouble with attention and memory. For more info about the effects of MDMA, check the facts here:

Duh of course she was talking about drugs! Shes a druggie herself! She was at a club saying Molly when Molly is a "club-drug"! But, it doesn't matter at the end of the day drugs are illegal,life ruining, and expensive little things. But hey if they got the money to buy it, and they want to ruin their body and brain then fine who are we to judge by sitting here talking about some lame pop singer as if we know her and what she's been through? I say yes she was talking about MDMA and her album MDNA is not just a coincidince! But, just leave the chick alone! [deleted, inappropriate comment, per guidelines].

Whoever wrote this is misinformed, Molly and Extacy are two different things....
Molly is MDMA and so is Xtacy
theres something about molly...
Im 16 and i use to smoke the drug called loud and it make u feel good for about 3-4hours and i use to smoke it everyday until i started getting ripped off then i stopped but i miss smoking it was the only thing that made me feel good inside but now i want to try molly.

@Trey Hi Trey,

Believe me, it is good you've stopped smoking loud (strong marijuana). When a drug is the only thing in a person's life that makes them feel good inside (as you put it), it's a sign they are becoming addicted. If you were smoking loud every day, you likely were becoming dependent on it, and that's why it feels so bad right now to not be smoking it. People who smoke lots of marijuana at your age, even when they don't get addicted, alter their brain development and set themselves up for all kinds of failure at school and in life. Molly (MDMA, or ecstasy) can also screw up your brain. People make it sound fun, but some users wind up with long-lasting confusion and depression and trouble with attention and memory.

Drugs seem like shortcuts to happiness, but they are traps that can make you less happy in the long run.

For more on marijuana, see our booklet Marijuana<> Facts for Teens<>. For more on "molly," click on our Drug Facts: <> MDMA<>.

Very awesome statement well said and true , it's better to deal with what cause you to want to do drugs in the first place, learn to be happy on life and living it to the fullest , that's a natural high that has no side effects.
For your proper terminology, it's not "Molly" if it isn't pure MDMA, it becomes "Ecstasy". They aren't the same thing, when a person buys Ecstasy, they hope for MDMA. I have not, and will not ever try this, but I think if your life decisions are made by Nicki Minaj, then you deserve to be in the hospital.
I'd put money on it that more kids 19-28 still show up in the hospital from alcohol, than molly.
I think you are wrong on both counts. More kids die today from prescription drugs than alcholo or illegal drugs.
Yes they do. This is a fact that I see at the hospital where I work.
To freaking true. I've gone to shows, and will admit to doing Molly. The people I know that drink at shows are usually ending up in a worse position than I would.
Madonna is a pathetic has-been who will do anything to appear young and hip. It's just sad.
Honestly people. its the music industry period. There was/will always be someone in the music industry that will talk about "drugs" you will never evef not hear about it . its even in country music like toby kejth ur telling me your gonna stop listening to.bis music. example. "I got drunk this morning but i haven't had a toke all day" so honestly stop knocking those who talk about it. its nothing new ! and for people who say "you don't judge" your judgeing now . and even if she was to talk about mdma there's so many sources out there with the word mdma . look at. everyone trying to get the green card. just cuz u got that dosent mean that ur gonna always buy the medical . A lot of them decide to buy off the street still. and the street stuff is mixed in with mdma . so stop knocking everyone by what you hear cause honestly she was but wasn't defending herself . they're trying to reel in more fans that's all there doing trying TO CONNECT TO THE YOUTH . BECAUSE MUSIC IS A HUGE ROLE IN A LOT OF PEOPLES LIVES SO IF YOU SIT AND THINK ABOUT IT OKAY I'M GONNA MAKE A SONG ABOUT DRUGS SEE HOW MANY FANS I CAN GET. MAJE MORE MONEY THAT'S. EXACTLY
Come on why would she be talking or asking about that song and i'm pretty sure that song isn't a hit
who carea what kids do you all know you did it when you were a kid and have nothing better to do now. and more than half of you have probably never tried it ur arguement is so biased its laughable
im 15 i dont care what they say in the music i just like the rap songs im an athlete im never doing drugs not even when i get to collage


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