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Justin Bieber: A Warning to All Teens

Carol Krause, NIDA Communications Director

Hello SBB readers. A few years ago, I did a blog post on the death of Michael Jackson—the pop star who seemed to have it all … but who succumbed to a death related to drug abuse. It was a sad tale about a child star who seemed to have grown up without a normal childhood—whose wealth did not protect him from the dangers of drugs. There have been others—Amy Winehouse, Heath Ledger—we could go on and on.

So when Internet-sensation-turned-pop-star Justin Bieber was arrested this week on DUI charges, many of us who keep an eye on these things were saddened by the news. A young man who had everything going for him—who could have been a terrific role model for other teens—seems to instead have chosen a path to self-destruction. Arrested while street racing in a Lamborghini, the star admitted to police in Florida that he had been drinking, smoking marijuana, and taking prescription drugs all at the same time … and then got behind the wheel of a very fast car! Can you imagine? Mixing drugs and alcohol while street racing? This is behavior that turns your car into a dangerous weapon, and people could have been killed, including Bieber himself.

We do not know all the facts of the case—nor have we heard how Bieber will defend what he did—but those of us in the public health world hope that this incident will be a warning to all teens. Being a famous star does not protect you from the dangers of drugs and alcohol—it does not protect you from making stupid decisions. In fact, being a famous star can make you feel invincible—as if you are smarter than everyone else and can even outsmart the drugs you are using. And if you have ever envied someone like Bieber, remember that it is he who should envy all of you who make healthy choices every day, despite all the social pressure.

At NIDA, we will now be handling calls that come into the press office from reporters wanting to know more about mixing alcohol and drugs, or about drugged driving. Bieber’s sad situation will hopefully raise awareness that no one is safe from the dangers of drug abuse. Of course, Bieber deserves a defense, and we will watch what happens with his case. We do hope that if he does need treatment for substance abuse that he is man enough to seek it. Treatment does work—we see it every day. We also know that asking for treatment takes courage and character. How Bieber responds to these charges, and how he seeks to improve his personal situation, will be a test of that character. Maybe then he could truly become a role model of courage.

For more on drugged driving, check out this fact sheet.


Wow he has too much going on for his self to be acting like that
I think this should be a lesson to all kids that anybody can get in trouble so if you do something wrong you can get in trouble for that.
The young people look up to him. I guess he didn't care that much. He's very influential to the youth. I hope he'd be more of a good role model to them. Sad what the bright lights of Hollywood can do.
my buddy buttler smiled in his mug shot
see this is why people are hating because he does drugs...
you guys are weird......
Yeah. And his dad is a alcohol addict. Beiber is no more, in my opinion. It makes ones heart turn over.
You guys should all stop this is supposed to be a learning site to help teens to stop using drugs
I think Justin Bieber is so cute i think that he is not bad at all!
how can you still think that he was taking two drugs drinking alcohol and driving an extremely fast car, and he muts've still been high because he smiled in his mugshot.
wow that is messed up
why the hell was he smiling in his mugshot, he's a idiot
justin is so stupid he smiled in his mugshot, he must've still been high
*PLEASE READ!!!!!!!!!!!!!! As much as I think your article is correct, and i love it, there is ONE FATAL AND MINOR FLAW! HEAT LEADGER WAS NOT and I REPEAT NOT a drug addict. The real story is that he was taking a drug that his doctor PROSCRIBED to him for a pain killer, or to help him not act like the joker or something like that. He then went to another doctor who proscribed him another medication. THESE TWO DOCTORS DIDN'T KNOW HEATH WAS USING EACH OTHERS PROSCRIPTION. IT WAS NOT AN OVER DOSE. He just took both medications, and apparently it was too much for his body and he died. Next time RESEARCH YOUR INFORMATION before you go on and deceive people. HEATH LEADGER WAS A GOOD GUY. THANK YOU!
you are the most hopeless person in the history of man kind. people support you and you let them down when you do stupid stuff and get in trouble with the police............ moreover you sound like a girl and you need to learn the meaning of life!!!!!!
wow really i thought justin new better than that
Justin, you are destroying your life. You could have been the most popular guy but I thing devil ate up your brain. If we would have got an opportuanity like you had, we would'nt let it go from our hands. I think its the end of jb crush.
leave him alone all of you guys r soo annoying and just be say dumb stuff
The bieber fever lover said.
who smiles in their mugshot? WTF
plz stop
stop the Justin hate :(
so stupid needs to go to Canada.
He wasn't even charged for the cocaine he and his friend had. HE IS A DUMB SHIZZLE
He would have been arrested along time ago so hopefully going to jail will help him become a better person and fix himself
what was this kid thinking I used to like him but that boy is dead to me now I hate drug abusers He had a long life ahead of him but i don't think so any more
justin is my husband and i will love hime till the day i die
no.....just no..
look people Justin is probably, really sad with his life , I'm not saying what he did was right he was a good kid before this he is a human being to we all make mistakes. I'm 14


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