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Justin Bieber: A Warning to All Teens

Carol Krause, NIDA Communications Director

Hello SBB readers. A few years ago, I did a blog post on the death of Michael Jackson—the pop star who seemed to have it all … but who succumbed to a death related to drug abuse. It was a sad tale about a child star who seemed to have grown up without a normal childhood—whose wealth did not protect him from the dangers of drugs. There have been others—Amy Winehouse, Heath Ledger—we could go on and on.

So when Internet-sensation-turned-pop-star Justin Bieber was arrested this week on DUI charges, many of us who keep an eye on these things were saddened by the news. A young man who had everything going for him—who could have been a terrific role model for other teens—seems to instead have chosen a path to self-destruction. Arrested while street racing in a Lamborghini, the star admitted to police in Florida that he had been drinking, smoking marijuana, and taking prescription drugs all at the same time … and then got behind the wheel of a very fast car! Can you imagine? Mixing drugs and alcohol while street racing? This is behavior that turns your car into a dangerous weapon, and people could have been killed, including Bieber himself.

We do not know all the facts of the case—nor have we heard how Bieber will defend what he did—but those of us in the public health world hope that this incident will be a warning to all teens. Being a famous star does not protect you from the dangers of drugs and alcohol—it does not protect you from making stupid decisions. In fact, being a famous star can make you feel invincible—as if you are smarter than everyone else and can even outsmart the drugs you are using. And if you have ever envied someone like Bieber, remember that it is he who should envy all of you who make healthy choices every day, despite all the social pressure.

At NIDA, we will now be handling calls that come into the press office from reporters wanting to know more about mixing alcohol and drugs, or about drugged driving. Bieber’s sad situation will hopefully raise awareness that no one is safe from the dangers of drug abuse. Of course, Bieber deserves a defense, and we will watch what happens with his case. We do hope that if he does need treatment for substance abuse that he is man enough to seek it. Treatment does work—we see it every day. We also know that asking for treatment takes courage and character. How Bieber responds to these charges, and how he seeks to improve his personal situation, will be a test of that character. Maybe then he could truly become a role model of courage.

For more on drugged driving, check out this fact sheet.


yeah hes dumb
wow someone that hot can use drugs but he really should not use drugs cause he is famous and he is very good singer
this kid is so dumb that he smiled in his mugshot not cool just
your a hater im sure he doesn't care what you or anyone else thinks:) AND HE STILL HAS MORE MONEY THAN ANY OF YALL THATS HATING SO.... yeah hate about that? I STILL STAND BY JUSTIN ALL DAY
Are you seriously that naive? Dude, he was DRINKING, and then took DRUGS, and then began racing in a VERY FAST CAR! Think of all the people he could have hurt or even KILLED for that matter! How could you stand by someone like that? He endagered HUMAN lives! I, too, am a fan of his music but what he did was very wrong and very stupid. And who cares how much money he has? That means nothing if youre going to do stupid and selfish things like what he did.
I guess doing drugs is a good thing according to you
I'm not gay but when i saw his movie never say never, I liked that he was good but know all of that fame and fortune he got drugs. hope for the best Justin, good luck
i have to agree with you man everything is messed up with peoples minds and no one can help them with that and their additions i'm one of the people with an addition and my addition is crying and fighting so technically your calling everyone that has an addition dumb and that is just not right plz to me a big favor and joke like you know wht your doing and you are even calling yourself dumb. ~unknown
hes a dope head
So true
i think justin beiber is not a cool cat and i want his cars
this kid is so dumb he smiled in his freaking mugshot
i agree with you
justin bieber are you stupid stop smiling what is wrong with him
He looks like he is smiling this is not a joke its real so he need to stop fans are counting on him.
Nobody is saddened by this. He should have been arrested a long time ago for other stuff. We're glad the he's finally gotten what's been coming to him.
mannnnnn u be hatin!!!!!!!!!!! stop it he isn't perfect just like you !!! jeez like u have not done anything bad ..... give him a break ... god I HATE people like.......
Why so many periods? Is English not your native language?
Bieber already faces criminal charges in Miami stemming from an early morning traffic stop last week. Although Breathalyzer tests suggest Bieber was not too drunk to legally drive when he was pulled over by Miami Beach police early Thursday, it could be two or three weeks before tests are back from the lab that should give a more accurate blood-alcohol reading and could tell if he was high on pot.
He needs to be kicked out of the usa. Hes violating our laws. And thus violating our constution and needs to be deported. Wheres I C.E. when u need them
No hes to hot. /.\
Please noo. Canada does not want him back.
[deleted due to insulting language] you are trying to tell us that russel brand,bam margera,jeff hardy,matt hardy,johnny knoxville,and,oliver sykes should be kicked out of the usa they all commited crimes
not oli
I agree with you man, but he is already sued from USA
Security of Inner Peace and joy is never from Popularity. What is it that man is searching for?. Why is he never peaceful or satisfied?. If only we can find the purpose for our life then we would never ruin this precious life which was a gift from the creator :)
Sir he might be satisfied but mabye ,as you said, he didnt want to lose his friendship when his friends gave him some to try.
I am a huge Bieber fan and I find it hard to believe that Justin, who was so innocent when he was 16 and 17, would be under the influence of drugs. I was even more shocked that he was under the influence of drugs AND alcohol while he was racing in his Lamborghini. I have heard that his family and his friends have advised him to go into rehab and I hope he does because if he doesn't he's heading into a meltdown. After Justin came out of jail, he said that he wants to take a break from music. I hope he uses the break to go to the rehabilitation center and get DE-addiction programs. I just hope he doesn't retire because that would make me really sad.
i want the lamborghini
who smiles in a mugshot? wtf
this event brings in a great awareness that popularity is not your life. though popularity is a virtue of life it doesn't mean you are the greatest and can not go wrong in anything. you still have to be aware that there our thing like drugs to be aware of. the biggest thing is that a drug has the power to control your life and shatter it.
Why does this guy need to mix alcohol and drugs and chaos will driving, this guy has so many role models and had everything going for him and although a popular star and smarter than anyone and still using drugs need a medical care, but still his sad situation will raise an awareness among the teenagers and adults. If Bieber really came out of drugs he might be a great role model
Yes...They are very right. No matter what position you are in, nothing can protect you from the consequences of drugs. Some people have looked up at Bieber as a role model, and now know the true self of this pop star. Because he took drugs, even being respacted and famous by the mass, he got arrested. This situation is definitely set out for those people who take drugs and are a big fan of JB. Drugs can affect from the poorest people to the most famous of them all!!!
Justin bieber, the pop star was arrested because drinking, smoking and taking prescription drugs all at the same time while street driving. I can't imagine that having drugs and alcohol while street driving. This behaviour could have been killed many people, including Justin bieber. Many people are waiting for his defend for what he did. This article should be the biggest warning for people who got addicted to drugs and alcohol. Try to stop having drugs and alcohol and have a healthy life.
The intention of this article seems to be convincing youth to stay sober and/or not drink and drive but it has the opposite effect.
He should not have done that!!!! Hsi reputation will sink to the depths of the abyss!!!
Drugs are life killers!!! but people who consume drugs that are not prescribed don't understand that drugs are very harmful for their body and health, they only feel that drugs remove stress and sometimes makes you feel in a greater state. Justin Biebr would have had a very bright present but only because of consuming drungs he is in a bad condition right now. Bieber would have had a lot of fans who treat him like their role model but due to drungs he has lost many of his fans. Many reasons get you addicted to drugs but life after consuming drugs totally changes, life becomes worse after getting addicted to drugs and one great example is Bieber... So stop taking in drugs it will spoil your life, your future, your health and a lot more
This is a very serious issue of one of the most famous pop-star, Justin Bieber. This article has clearly indicated the adverse effect of drugs on even the lives of successful people. Lets not give in to drugs and spread more awareness to people about its effects and treatments.
He was like my role model!!!! He was an awesome singer yet i was blind to the fact that he consumed drugs. After i found out he was drag racing...i thought about the situation... I bet he did not feel complete with all the fame. Fame sometimes is a big headache and i bet no one was there for him. He probably got bored of spending money lavishly on things he already has. Popularity is not the paste that can fill in the gap deep in your heart!!!!
Justin Bieber. One thing rings in your mind, The arrest for DUI. I think all this fame and money has taken the toll on this young pop sensation. He too had probably had a choice to take the drugs or not but he fell into the wrong direction! His mother stated his behavior was about to come at some point of his career but just couldn't state when. Though after this incident his father was pretty cool about the incident. This is also nearly leading him to get deported out of the USA, to Canada. The signatures have crossed the 100,000 mark and still shooting, under the title stated "We the people of the United States feel that we are being wrongly represented in the world of pop culture. We would like to see the dangerous, reckless, destructive, and drug abusing, Justin Bieber deported and his green card revoked," also this; "He is not only threatening the safety of our people but he is also a terrible influence on our nation's youth. We the people would like to remove Justin Bieber from our society." Though it is likely not to happen, who can predict? The drug addiction may also be because of the peer pressure, his mother doesn't like his sons pals. Well whatever he chooses to do next is going to affect his entire career. One go to rehab or something else!
Justin is nice singer but he used those drugs like marijuana.It seems that he used marijuana and he drove the car very fast so he was arrested.
I am not a huge fan of Justin Bieber but why the hell did he take drugs after having such a good life and he is smiling too after going to jail maybe he might be happy for the new experience. i am really angry and sad for him.
Why does he think he can get away from things? Drugs or no drugs- this man is crazy.
He was good when he was in early teenage,he made good songs for his fans,family,friends and many other people around the world.The drugs have changed him into a different person.The drugs made him to loose everything.He got busted in a drag race and went to jail.The drugs made him crazy because of that he doesn't care about anything.He wanted to take a big break from music and other stuffs.I hope he takes a good treatment and come back to make his fans happy.
Really he should just go away nobody likes him the only reason he sounds good is because of electronics and he looks good from plastic surgery!!! He is just gonna die like any other "popstar"-drugs and he will be forgotten in fifty years like Elvis Presley...anyone know who he is"???


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