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Can a Pill Improve Your Grades?

Sara Bellum
February 06, 2014

Some people think taking prescription stimulants can mean more As on their report cards.

Prescription stimulants like Adderall or Ritalin are prescribed to help treat attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Many people believe that taking stimulants if they don’t have ADHD will help them focus more, stay alert longer, and improve memory—all helpful to learning. But do these medications really make you a better student?

Definitely not.

Researchers have found that ADHD drugs like Adderall and Ritalin do not improve academic performance in teens who don’t have ADHD. In fact, there is no evidence that ADHD drugs improve grades even in those who do have ADHD. They help people manage their symptoms effectively, but that’s it.

The people at the top of the class aren’t abusing prescription stimulants to get there. In fact, the average person who abuses prescription stimulants:

  • Typically has lower grades than those who don’t abuse these drugs
  • Is more likely than other students to drink alcohol heavily and use other illicit drugs
  • May use prescription stimulants to party longer, and mix them with other substances to get high

There’s no “quick fix” to getting good grades. So, how can you improve in school? You could:

  • Study with a group
  • Make flash cards
  • Get enough sleep
  • Go to class and take notes

Do you have other study tips that help you get good grades? Share them in comments.

Check out NIDA’s Choose Your Path video “The Big Test” to make decisions about abusing Adderall to cram for a test and watch how the story plays out.


I Agree: the pill will not help i have ADHD and it doesn't even help me.
wrong! pop that pill it works
i agree
i have adhd it works for me im usually all over da place if not
if the drugs are needed then yes ut okay for people to take the m drugs. If you do not need them than maybe you shold leavve then alone
No, I don't think a pill can improve your grades because your learning skills come from understanding and remembering so how would a pill help.
a pill can not improve your grades in my opinion. people who believe they can take a pill to improve their grades are delusional. your body may not respond well to the drug you can become tired as well as sick. it might help you stay up but eventually you'll crash and wont be able to function right. to study properly you can take notes and do extra research.
Eat breakfast
doing stuff like that is not worth the headache,and the drug don't really help you if you trying to improve your improve your grades you can ask the teacher for some extra credit or something like that!
I don't think so because you have to study to understand and do well a pill will only help you stay up.
The pill doesn't have anything to do with your grade you control your own actions and get the grade you deserve.
I don't think taking a pill will improve your grades. Actually, i think it might make your grades worse because those certain types of drugs will not help you focus and will cause your grades to go down.
I agree that there no way of cheating to get good grades. The pills wont help you.
seriously my pill doesnt help with my adhd symptoms
well obviously the pill don't work if the boy said it don't work so I don't think the pill will improve the grades . Don't take the pill !!!
it is good to take pills but if it don't work then you should go to your doctor and let them know and speak to them about it and tell them it don't work but if they continue to tell you to take the pill then you should take the pill and continue taking it and see how it works within a year or month or two or more because it is important to take your pill !!!
Yes, I believe that its can aid you in improving your grades but I dont think it can take all of the credit only because it is only medication. The brain is a powerful vessel itself so it can do anything. It all depends on the persons mental abilities. Are they able to process certain information correctly? Do they have a disorder that is mentally challenging them? Also, how do we know the brain will respond to the medication? What if it rejects it? So in that conclusion I have mixed feelings.
pill works but only to help come you with adhd...... studying is the best
Pills that are appropriately prescribed and taken can stabilize moods. Better balanced moods improve the ability to focus. Better focus can lead to better study habits and increased retention of subject matter and may result in better grades. Pills are tools,not miracle panaceas.

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